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Forum Rules
General Rules
These rules are your 1st warning Most infractions are additional warnings {Racist comments will result in an immediate permaban}

(Rule # 1)classified ad bumping is allowed ONCE every 12 hours
(Rule # 4)Do not sell parts you do not have in hand.
(Rule # 6)Do not link to another forum or site where you have items listed.
(Rule # 7) Must mark listings as sold or report listings as traded.
(Rule # 8) Absolutely no BS'ing within the Classified Section.
(Rule # 9)No posting any sale information and/or bulk item sales from non-vendors.
(Rule # 12)no Insulting, crude, obnoxious or poor behavior
(Rule # 13)No Spammed Advertisements [No Advertising other sites (especially one for monetary gain)]
(Rule # 14)Pictures ARE REQUIRED :Must post picture in FS/FT threads. [must be of the actual item. not just the box] (If you have less than 5 iTrader seller feedback then you must post your CACO username and date in a picture of the item for sell.)
(Rule # 15)No post dumping
(Rule # 16) Do not reply to a thread that has had no activity for over three months. Month(s)
(Rule # 17)Under NO circumstances is anyone to reply to a post suggesting that the item can be found cheaper elsewhere.
(Rule # 22)No "Feelers", either you're selling or you're not.
(Rule # 23)Absolutely No Lowballing
(Rule # 24)Signature / Avatar must be in good taste.. nothing pornographic or suggestive
(Rule # 26)No Excessive thread bumping
(Rule # 27)Descriptive titles required in the classified sections.
(Rule # 28)No Disregarding or editing template in Classifieds Section
(Rule # 29)Don't create a FS/FT/WTB and not check on it daily.
(Rule # 30)No "Rent-A-Mod'ing"
(Rule # 31)No bypassing swear filter
(Rule # 32)NO MULTI-ITEM posts please separate the items into separate threads.Month(s)
(Rule # 33)No Posting Ads for other members or non-members of CACO
(Rule # 34)No Post Whoring or Thread Bumping to increase post count
(Rule # 35)No Trolling, Pot Stirring or Drama Provoking
(Rule # 36)No Posting In "Buyer/Seller Beware" [if you aren't a named party in it]
(Rule # 37)Always follow through with a mods request. No arguing with a mod
(Rule # 38)Racist comments will result in an immediate permaban.
(Rule # 39)Moderators are allowed to troll
(Rule # 40)don't mess with staff (7 day ban)
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

Amp Guts
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Car Audio Forum
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Car Audio Sound Quality Forum
Sound QUality science based car audio forum, amplifier, subs and speaker design, fabrication help, sound systems forum, aftermarket car audio website for sound quality.
Car Stereo Forum
DIYMA car audio stereo forum for 12 volt car audio subwoofer and amplifier systems that have sound quality with wholesale car audio products.

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