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  1. what woofers are these?
  2. Plans to offer 18's next year??
  3. WTB: TSX Motors/motors+18"baskets/working 18" tsx's
  4. a lil before and after sneak peek
  5. Shok Industries is looking for Dealers!
  6. Shok amps on the smd dyno! Check the results!
  7. Shok triton 12" $99.99 shipped presale!
  8. Shok build houses! A video compilation
  9. Shok amplifier big sale!
  10. Behind the scenes! Shok visits a parts factory!
  11. Pre-sale! Shok industries triton 8" & elite x series!
  12. Shok mat v2 presale!!
  13. 1/0 ga. ofc cable
  14. SHOK DISTRIBUTION: Mercury Indash EQ unboxing! check it out!
  15. Buy Shok Online Now!
  16. Shok distribution : Mercury car audio! Awesome sq products
  17. Shok Industries products now available at our online store!
  18. 2 15" Tritons on 8k? Click to see results...
  19. Gip mids now available from shok distribution!
  20. Any chance of some 8" mids in the near future?
  21. Shok Triton Give Away!!! check it out
  22. Shok triton 12" and 15" pre-order now open!
  23. Shok Triton Sale!
  24. Ever wonder how cones are made?
  25. Shok Distribution! Introducing GIP!
  26. Shok Distribution! A taste of things to come!
  27. Shok black friday sale! Tritons!
  28. Distribution Idea, what do you guys think?
  29. Shok sale! Fwscc speaker wire sale!
  30. Shocker Hal does it again! 183.7dB !
  31. First Videos of the Shok Wagon 12 12's
  32. Shok industries uber line!!
  33. Shok tritons
  34. More Mats. More gold.
  35. Shok Titan Pre-Order!
  36. Shok Industries Titan woofers!
  37. Shok triton giveaway
  38. Pre-order: Shok ref pro 5285 1/0 awg cable1
  39. Shok Dampening Mats! Come get some!!
  40. Cool Video on how Speaker Cones are made
  41. Shok mats! Before and After Videos!! POWAAAA!!!
  42. SHOK MATS! Yes we make dampening mats too!
  43. Ever wonder how Cones are made?
  44. Sound Specialists 4707 1/0 $59.99 SHIPPED by Shok Industries
  46. DC Rusty's Van/ Gary Killian busting their wind shields!
  47. Shok Mats and Reference series speaker cable.
  48. Pre-order: Shok Triton 12" and 15" ! get yours now!
  49. Shok Visit to the build house!! Sneak Preview!
  50. Happy 4th of July!
  51. A little Sneak Peek at some cool stuff :)
  52. Cool unboxing video of the Shok RK 12"
  53. $59.99 shipped 1/0 awg Pre-sale!
  54. Pre-Sale! FWSCC speaker wires!
  55. SHOK FW- Silver Coated Core Speaker wire
  56. SHOK RK WOOFER PRE-ORDER! Another crazy june sale!
  57. Shok Tritons in Action!
  58. Shok Amps :)
  59. i want some stickers!
  60. Some updates from Shok :)
  61. Shok Amplifier.. some updates
  62. Price on Shok II amps?
  63. A little video of the shok truck and the shok triton!
  64. Running in the Triton 12" and some SQ testing!
  65. Shok Triton Woofers! A close up!
  66. More SHOK stuff in this week, needed a pallet this time.. :-D
  67. Shok triton woofers pre-order!
  68. Shok Triton Series Subwoofers!
  69. Sub Clearance: Team Shok 18s!
  70. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas
  71. A little visit to the west coast
  72. Shok Accessories Review
  73. Shok Classic 1/0 awg Pre-Order!!!! GET IT NOW!
  74. Shok Industries Anniversary Classic 1/0 AWG Cable Special!
  75. A look back at my journey through the car audio industry :)
  76. Shok Bud Owners
  77. Copper and Brass Buss Bars on sale
  78. if you have Shokbuds, you should listen to this.
  79. What would be a good way to celebrate our 3 yr anniversary?
  80. You know shit just got serious when...
  81. Shok Copper/ Brass Buss Bar Dimensions/ Buss bar Wire packages..
  82. Copper flat bars/ buss bars.. Anyone interested?
  83. price on fuseholders
  84. So i've been giving some Demos...
  85. Shocker Hal does 181.6 using Shok Reference Pro CCA 1/0 awg!
  86. Shocker Hal's 180dB Volvo, some new pics!
  87. Shok amp inquiry
  88. Extra Buss Bar for sale
  89. Buss Bar survey
  90. Shok Cable now sold by the ft!
  91. Some more Shok goodies sent from the man in Singapore
  92. Shok does it again!
  93. Shok comp wire. New vs Old review
  94. Shok 1500 give away!!
  95. Shok Pro and Elite 1/0 awg to be sold by the ft
  96. Some new stuff from Shok!
  97. Thnks Russ!
  98. We are looking for Dealers!
  99. Shok Competition Series Pre-order
  100. mmmm..... shok gear
  101. Shok Indudstries Facebook Give away! check it out!
  102. Shok giveaway ideas, need opinions
  103. Shok Industries SQ Ground Pounder, My personal Daily Ride
  104. Shok Cable updates!COMP CABLE IS COMING!
  105. Shok Amp guts and info :)
  106. Shok Industries ear bud review.
  107. Shok 2.5k :) Sneaks
  108. Shok Amp update :)
  109. Shok Amplifier Production Video!!! The Birth of an Amplifier!
  110. Something cool's coming out
  111. shok cable
  112. Shok Earbuds review
  113. Another sneak peek :)
  114. Guess what these are :)
  115. Something interesting.
  116. Thanks russ and toby for the SHOK wire!
  117. Shok wire in Non Car-audio ???
  118. I decided my first order of Shok wire juuuuust wasn't enough...
  119. April is going to be an interesting month :)
  120. Shok Amps
  121. headphones i need new ones asap!
  122. Shok 1000 likes give away
  123. Front Stage Amp kits?
  124. shok goodness
  125. Shok Ind. Goodies (pics)
  126. All my new Shok goodies, get ready...
  127. Heat shrink size?
  128. 1/0 competition
  129. Shok 1000 likes contest! need feedback!
  130. I modified a song and then listened to it on my Shok Buds
  131. Shok in Canada part 2!
  132. Shok Goods In Canada
  133. Shok dealer in WA or PNW
  134. My experience with Shok
  135. Amp Poll:
  136. How to buy Shok Cable!
  137. Amp Feelers..
  138. Shok Goodies
  139. Shok rocks
  140. So who sells Shok now
  141. Thank you Shok! Proud to represent you!
  142. Fastest shipping in the WORLD!!!
  143. Merry Christmas !
  144. I wonder what could this be..
  145. Discounts or free shipping?
  146. Happy Thanks Giving Guys!
  147. cheap daily beater sub? what kinda price range?
  148. Shok Industries 1/0 5250 Reference Clearance Sale!
  149. Shok Buds just got an upgrade!
  150. Clearance sale.. Anyone interested?
  151. do u have 4ch rcas??
  152. 8ga wire
  153. A good review on Shok Buds!
  154. Woofer Wire kit length, How long is enough?
  155. Sub woofer survey..
  156. General Survey:
  157. DB Drag finals 2012? In California?
  158. Its a secret.
  159. long time no talk..vids attached
  160. 1/0 Cable anyone? Got Shok IN STOCK!
  161. One of our SQ cars, Full Ground Zero with Shok
  162. Sneak preview of my up coming build--- Head unit added!!
  163. Russel Wong
  164. Shok Industries.. See what we're made of
  165. I'm Back...
  166. Shok 1/0 wire comparison picture
  167. Shok Industries Website Under Construction
  168. I'm be away 16th May to 30th May
  169. Some Shok wire for the Team Sundown Russia Montero Sport ..oh ya-can you say 15 10s?
  170. Shok Build logs/ cars in the past year.
  171. Shok 1/0 price and options.
  172. Why would my wire be doing this?
  173. Thanks Russ!
  174. Official 1/0 Reference CCA Pre-order and FLO RCAs
  175. Team Shok Sponsorship Suspended for the moment
  176. Look what caaaaaame in the mail today!
  177. Sales Rep Idea
  178. Feelers: Pre-order for FLO RCAs
  179. Suggestion for wiring kits!
  180. Shok cable now sold by the ft!
  181. Attention all shok dealers! Look here
  182. Change in Shok Distributor! Mechman is the new US Distributor!
  183. Shok Industries Facebook Give away!
  184. Alan Dante vs Shocker Hal! 181.4 vs 181.8 dB
  185. Shok Industries Face Book page updated!!!
  186. Team Shok Discount on Audio Technix Sound Dampening mats!
  187. Anyone want to split a roll of red 4ga cca?
  188. Shok Industries FLO Series RCA cables-- sneak peeks
  189. Feelers on Aluminium Tweeter pods
  190. Team Sundown Russia adds some beat to an Escalade
  191. Installed Shok 1/0
  192. A nice 2 way SQ setup
  193. Guess who else is in Team Shok now :)
  194. Got somethin today
  195. Where is everyone?
  196. Shok industries spool sharing
  197. Wire Comparison
  198. Meca VA state Finals
  199. Nice stuff Russ!
  200. in need of
  201. Shok 1/0 competition wire
  202. Alan Dante's 180 dB volvo.. Now with Shok..
  203. Thinking About Buying Shok Earbuds?
  204. Look what i got in the mail today!!!
  205. Russel Wang.
  206. [FOUND] Who wants to sell me some 12ga?
  207. Does anyone want to split a spool of 12 gauge speaker wire
  208. What do we have here??
  209. shok by the foot?
  210. Online Magazine...
  211. Any updates on the shipping of the competition wire?
  212. i need some wire
  213. Shok Buds! Now on sale! Look here for more details!
  214. Shok Buds launch: Friday 6th August!
  215. Shok industries short rcas?
  216. Shok Earbud Review
  217. Happy 4th of July!
  218. Oh snap!
  219. Shok Earbuds preview
  220. Shok needs to get their ish together!!!
  221. Vertex Audio?
  222. hey pple, a little heads up
  223. Who has extra blue 4707 0 gauge?
  224. Shok Industries Mini Context List
  225. Vertex Audio Gone Insane!!! Buy 1 get 1 free!
  226. A little Friendly Contest for you guys. ( freebie updated)
  227. Team Shok clarification.
  228. Component Speakers
  229. Shok Industries Ear Buds...Need input.
  230. Shok Industries Pre-order NOW OPEN!
  231. ??????
  232. hi
  233. Shok Industries Competition Series Production Video
  234. Shok updates??
  235. shok 1/0 cca
  236. SI:stickers?
  237. Reppin Team Shok
  238. Another feeler: Free lance writers for car audio
  239. DB Drag/Meca World Finals "feelers" for Team Shok
  240. Shok Industries Contact information
  241. Alpine Type ARGGGGGGGHHHHH sub in centre build
  242. Took one home For Team Shok:)
  243. 8 gauge joint power wire, what do you guys think?
  244. Alan Dante, Now a part of Team Shok
  245. Show this past weekend
  246. Much thx to russ n mike
  247. Thanks for the wire
  248. Team Shok Representin' - Show Pics
  249. Team Shok : Look here!
  250. A little sponsorship for Team Shok