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: General Car Audio Discussion & Questions

  1. Cerwin Vega LE-18s4
  2. Charging batteries??
  3. box issues
  4. Power or palm sander for mdf?
  5. treo ssx 4"vc
  6. How would you wire this electrical up?
  7. looking for spl tips for festiva
  8. Help me with my $500 Budget System Build Please!
  9. *Audison BitOne Problem*
  10. Will this sub hold up???
  11. 12's Sundown customs with nightshade soft parts
  12. Power cable run(s)?
  13. Do all mini amps suck?
  14. Fluke Clamp Meter 321
  15. aq2200d
  16. I'm Stuck, and could use your opinions
  17. Box building
  18. ohm load
  19. Tantric LD12 vs. triple rated power.
  20. question for everyone
  21. does anyone know how much horsepower i would expect to lose
  22. 4th order vs 6th order
  23. Check out my console design
  24. Which clamp meter is for me?
  25. anyone got info on this?
  26. How to get saw dust out of your box
  27. B2 Audio Quota v2
  28. amp shuts off on lower hz burp..why?
  29. NO ALTERNATOR! What to do?!
  30. Walmart does it again...
  31. Got Focal... need equalizer.
  32. i lose 10db when i close my door
  33. Focal Utopia Be no 7
  34. New IA Splitforce Technology 80.1
  35. Which should I use???
  36. skar audio vvx 15's
  37. Radio stations fuzzy when car is on
  38. SMD amp dyno
  39. battery fix or f'ed
  40. what do bored bassheads do?
  41. Popping head unit and questions.
  42. Incriminator Audio 80.1
  43. Couple questions on a 4 channel amp
  44. 2 fi sp4 15's amp(s)
  45. (2) 8a31s or (1) d3100?
  46. Sundown 3k's at .25 Ohm?
  47. Subs and Port Direction
  48. Atomic ELE?
  49. Anyone ever cover their boxes with real wood?
  50. Car Audio Inefficiency
  51. SAZ-3500 Clamped numbers
  52. what do you guys think this sub is worth?
  53. what do you want in a volt meter?
  54. me choose a new battery
  55. shipping issues.
  56. Looking at making some door patch panels. Need a few pointers.
  57. Wanna see a sweet kerfed port?
  58. anybody wanna help me with my box..
  59. is my alternator dead?
  60. Phantom Soundz 10k RMS Amp?
  61. Best Component set- $200
  62. Four channel and Mono amp recommendations
  63. Aq components
  64. Morel Tempo
  65. Sa-12 shat on me today
  66. Any recone available for 12" IDQ V2?
  67. ?????'S Setting subsonic filter inline with other subsonic filter
  68. SAZ running at low imp??
  69. 15" or 18" ?
  70. how much gain will i see from a 200amp alt
  71. 18 or 15?
  72. what sub(s) is best for me
  73. Soundqubed military discount
  74. buying custom made subs vs. new
  75. dual inputs
  76. Sundown Saz-1500D V.2 vs V.3 which is better/more powerful???
  77. Any box builder here in Chicago il
  78. so confused about electrical...
  79. 1/4 ohm strapped
  80. ?? about low load on RD D9
  81. What ID Sub is this?
  82. Made $50 installing a double din
  83. OS systems
  84. compatability and wiring questions
  85. Looking for new H/U choice....
  86. sounstream dtr1.2200
  87. I need to stay off the decaf, time for a recone, opinions please.
  88. Something is wrong...Idk what it is...
  89. Yet another question :P
  90. 115ah for 87$????
  91. 4 12's on 5-6k?
  92. more power smaller box
  93. ? About these components.
  94. Can we start a Tahoe/yukon/burban Door Panel thread
  95. Amp rack with cooling fans suggestions/help?
  96. Can I poke this Dead Horse!
  97. DB Drive 12" WD Platinum
  98. Audiopulse subs
  99. Time for some new 12s What to buy?
  100. Need help with CRX
  101. Audio systems, to much power?
  102. need some input
  103. alt question
  104. The Race Against Zero!
  105. Custom Active 2-Way Component Set. Suggestions please
  106. Got giant lugs?
  107. Noob Clamp Question
  108. budget 4 channel sugestions
  109. Boat post warning: which speaker components should I install?
  110. Seat lift kit
  111. Rebuilt alternator?
  112. What 2 15" for 5.25 cubes??
  113. Tantric 15 SHD burnt tinsel lead issues?
  114. 15W6's How much are they worth?
  115. Car alarm: pro or diy??
  116. Is this a good deal on a table saw?
  117. skar 2500 vs crescendo 3500
  118. Got a somewhat bad install, need some advice
  119. box for 2 sundown e8 v3s???
  120. DSO NANO 201 sine wave, scribbled line..
  121. The little nightmare sub
  122. forum
  123. box help for 2 sa-12's
  124. New Hifonics HFI 3000D
  125. 110 ah for 240 shipped new? worth it?
  126. weird sound from amp
  127. tone cd????
  128. Shoutout the UPS for handling my XFLs with care.. Not!
  129. Thoughts on why FI removed the N2 & N3 (thread v2)
  130. 6th order Non-wall w/ 8 10s
  131. Who's familiar with shark audio?
  132. ts parameters for CF xs v2 D1 ohm 18?
  133. Info/specs needed for dbdrive k5 12d4v2
  134. sandblasting+motor=demagnetized?
  135. Name the subs
  136. How do i get ahold of this tenney alts guy?
  137. Old School Rockford Fosgate Amp Question
  138. sound deadning, should i pay the $
  139. What's a popular coil configuration
  140. Bass only sounds good around tune freq.
  141. Selling setup... wanna help me with new sub/amp choice?
  142. Single sub trunk set ups?
  143. Sub Setup For a Trunk?
  144. 20 dollar investment/5 min install.......Get one!
  145. GTmat anyone?
  146. 1 series build
  147. looking for DD head unit with sound quality. help?
  148. Help picking a new Double Din.
  149. help me pick a set of 18in subs
  150. Round volt meters?
  151. What Batteries?
  152. How do you maintain your batteries?
  153. id like some real information about subs
  154. Need help picking out some pa speakers for the new build
  155. Best amp for single 8
  156. Blockshakers battery?
  157. how much will steady voltage at 14.4 help?12000watts
  158. StWHat amp to run?? NS1-AT 7000.1. XFIRE 8k?? Stuck
  159. 70cuft to play with... what shall i do?
  160. You know that alt charging voltage trick?
  161. Eye candy...
  162. new babys 4 dc lvl 4 18s
  163. DD M4A at 15.3?
  164. Rival Adversary 12.22
  165. port type/ port placement from rear hatch
  166. Anyone know anything about this Alternator?
  167. Beltronics Radar Voltmeter
  168. JBL P660C question
  169. Battery Charging Issue
  170. Rockford Hx2 10" RFR3110, How much should i sell for?
  171. Help for Recommendations on pair of 12's
  172. American Bass HD 15's?
  173. 4 v 1
  174. New box IDMAX 10 for an 08 F150
  175. big three help.
  176. a**holes with pa horns under the hood
  177. broke amp, help? reads 1v always
  178. Maybe ditching the rear seats
  179. sundown saz-4500 + 4-sa8v2's=?
  180. recone question
  181. HO alt, ext regulator, and lighting problems HELP!
  182. how much db gain with more power?
  183. Happy Labor Day SKAR Lovers
  184. Illinois box builder
  185. Anyone recognize this board?
  186. new sub
  187. Box Peak Freq??
  188. Is this head unit dead?
  189. Car installation mishaps
  190. 2ohms vs 4ohms
  191. Strange amp on/off problem
  192. sub advice 4 15s or 4 18s
  193. single 15in sub
  194. Best way to play music and movies from USB on AVH-x4500...
  195. I need advice on my Tenney Alt Story
  196. ohms are confusing me
  197. Any body have a review on focal integration ic 165?
  198. I made something cool that has nothing to do with a DD-1. Wanna see?
  199. sa-12 dimensions
  200. My Equipment Need help
  201. Ab 1100.1 18 volt hv cut out ?
  202. What should be my next purchase?
  203. Skar Audio LP-1000.1D Clamp Test Video
  204. help with cutting down rise and getting louder
  205. Looking at a used set of speakers, is there any way to test them upon arrival?
  206. DC level 4 rattling
  207. My sub caught fire, fun fun fun
  208. Sundown, DC, DD, IA, skar, etc VS RF, JL, kicker, RF, alpine, kenwood, pioneer, etc..
  209. Anyone seen a single 4ga to dual 4ga power distro. block?
  210. Wanting opinions on which amp or amps to put on sundown x series 18s
  211. how much clearence for subs?
  212. project hccas(got them for FREE)
  213. Can someone explain time alignment?
  214. What size amp wiring kit for my application.
  215. how to find sealed air resonance with out software in a 4th
  216. Amp repair
  217. Memphis 4000.1 on 18v question
  218. Decaf Music- Is there lists?
  219. headunit output voltage slowly diminishing.
  220. front, rear, center, sub rca outs
  221. Need amp help bad fellas... The only thing that's holding me up..
  222. What I metered last weekend!!
  223. Audioque sdc2.0
  224. 2 dr blazer owners enter!!
  225. Different versions of PAC LC1 and SNI-1?
  226. hhr question
  227. Looking for PA mids
  228. Quick relay power question
  229. tantric subs hdd 15s
  230. behringer MINIFBQ FBQ800
  231. 500w @ 4ohm?
  232. Which double DIN?
  233. RIP Deon Bearden
  234. whats the first song??
  235. Hifonics Brutus elite ???
  236. I need mono amp suggestions!!!
  237. My little project
  238. Back at it again.....
  239. 1000c4 blowing fuses
  240. Has anyone used this before?
  241. OPTI2000D VS Sound Stream Tx1.2600D
  242. Deadener on amp backplate?
  243. Input needed from those of you with Audiocontrol Epicenters!!!
  244. help Convince someone....
  245. Does this mean
  246. Two 4k or one 7k? Subs or amps first?
  247. Electrical problem, ruining batts, need help!
  248. B2 Audio store
  249. there is a lion on the loose
  250. Good 12" subs?