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: General Car Audio Discussion & Questions

  1. different re mt motors?
  2. What's the loudest 2dr Blazer
  3. Sears Diehard platiumAGM or xspower AGM
  4. Sundown 200.4 used to power subs & mids/highs?
  5. Singer alt destroys mounting bracket roflmao
  6. Rear seat entertainment. Any recommendations?
  7. CCA or OFC Wire
  8. Sub Power Handling Question
  9. Popcorn sounds amps at .25ohm??
  10. sa8v1.5 8's build
  11. Help w/ AudioControl DQS
  12. Dayton Audio's new subs
  13. electrical problem i just cant handle
  14. I need help with my electrical.
  15. mmats 4000.1 or 4000.5
  16. Motor destroyed by USPS..
  17. PSI Car Audio or Sundown Subwoofers?
  18. Who is all going to the turkey drag this weekend?
  19. Pioneer AVH-P4200DVD
  20. Help me decide...4th order or ported???
  21. DD9512 toasty coil pics
  22. Schematic diagram for a 7-LED 12v voltmeter
  23. AQ 1200 problem
  24. question about amp and electrical
  25. skar 85.4
  26. wire 12 12" d4's?
  27. David DeRoncey memorial plate
  28. What causues an amp to "fry"?
  29. Help I need some guidance
  30. team xs power
  31. can't figure out where im losing bass..
  32. dd m3b vs ab vfl 500.1
  33. chrysler 300
  34. What size crimp terminal fits on a relay?
  35. what amo would you guys recommend
  36. $275 for RE audio sx 12s good deal of craigslist
  37. audioque sd2.0
  38. Lanzar OPTI6PM 6.5" Opti Pro. opinions?
  39. AB Motor Question
  40. What sub should i go with for my future system.
  41. Got Aluminum?
  42. How do you guys mount your battery in your trunk?
  43. Can painting the inside of a sub box hurt the sound or help it?
  44. its my birthday, and ill cry if i want to...
  45. Analog voltage meter
  46. kicker separates by stillwater design
  47. Sundown SA8-v2 vs SD-2 10"
  48. Who's got them end caps we all forget we had
  49. Dome 1" Tweeters Recomendations
  50. Where to buy Northstar batteries?
  51. Is this a "sleeper" sub?
  52. building a box need help on port
  53. Coil rub - needs reconed?
  54. bass knob with clipping L.E.D.
  55. What subs to run.
  56. Hmmmm sundown 3k or hifonics xx cyclops
  57. Please Help... Cabin pressure/ air leaks
  58. help with build up a mtx 95 motor
  59. sundown sa vs ab tnt
  60. ap mini 1500s fan work
  61. Box for 8" woofer....
  62. to use or not to use resin inside of a box
  63. Any double din Navigation units that have bWiFi or an add on WiFi?
  64. Input/Opinion on the Taramps amps.
  65. mounting depth and port area
  66. Maxx Link MLX-100 Schematic or help finding replacement potentiometer
  67. 2012 Toyota Camry Bypass module??
  68. technical help for rca voltage experiment please
  69. AQ750?
  70. your opinion
  71. PWX 6 internal volume
  72. Which is the better choice logically for trunk
  73. How many watts can I run with this electrical
  74. Another Craigslist scoop! *PICS*
  75. Soundstream xxx-4000D help
  76. Radial motor to be used on a new subwoofer line from Maya Sounds, and more
  77. Do i have sufficient electrical?
  78. zip decaf music
  79. xx olympus 4 channel worth?
  80. what are the thoughts on boston acoustic amps?
  81. mounting amp on enclosure? pics inside
  82. what class to compete in?
  83. 4 channel rca hook up
  84. Will i be ok?
  85. Subs that like low lows...
  86. Are Hifonics "ZED Built" Gen.X Boltar amplifiers strapable?
  87. Need help with my next set-up.
  88. No Negative run? but grounded in the back?!
  89. Obsidian and PSI Customer Service
  90. Sub placement in new car
  91. psp flared ends the same?
  92. What the hell did I do to my amp?
  93. Post your wiring setup
  94. 2007 chevy van radio wire harness
  95. Just blew my PG door speakers. Advice?
  96. how can i get more output
  97. home car audio
  98. next electrical upgrade
  99. How to test Amp with Multimeter?
  100. Look what I got
  101. PWK designs
  102. ground in a unibody
  103. Picked up something nice today!!
  104. DC level 5 18 m1
  105. Does this sound right?
  106. who repairs ab1100.1s
  107. is 50% off.... NOW!!!!
  108. Voltage issue...
  109. Do you do HT sub designs?
  110. burnt rd d9
  111. just clamped my apsm-1500
  112. Recone or sell
  113. How can i find out if it works?
  114. Impedence Rise Question
  115. New head unit reccomendations
  116. How does murder mat compare to audio technix and second skin?
  117. need ideas for my 8 12" box
  118. DD Z1 .5 ohm stable?
  119. ddm4a vs ab vfl 750.1
  120. Six 15"s subwoofer wiring options.
  121. VW bus budget build open for ideas
  122. Name all amps that can only be ran on 2 ohms not .5
  123. new head unit suggestions??
  124. Re Audio DTS amps
  125. subsonic filter?
  126. Recently moved from Hawaii to NY...Any bassheads near Albany?
  127. does anyone know what brand clamp this is
  128. Airbrushed Box.... Pretty neat! *Pics*
  129. NEED HELP!! Box design for 2 SA-15's
  130. Audioque Mr-6.5's?
  131. AQ2200d vs powerbass xa3000d?
  132. Term-Lab Help Please.
  133. Midbass bandpass question
  134. Inverting 18"s in a 4th order, what type of screws?
  135. Wiring and Battery issues.....
  136. Planet Audio RXD2400
  137. SUNDOWN: What happend?
  138. amp/sub help
  139. How To Tell A Fake From A Genuine
  140. skil 1823 plunge router
  141. Questions on a box for my SKARs
  142. raising soundstage?
  143. How much will I gain
  144. $300-$550 bang for buck 18"
  145. New System - Subs & Amp Thoughts?
  146. what do you guys think
  147. Look what I got today
  148. more bang for the buck
  149. Aq HD3???
  150. O2 audio
  151. Crossfire VR4000D
  152. Post up your volt meter location
  153. AQ 3500.1D to a DC 5k
  154. interesting
  155. Can someone explain battery ratings to me?
  156. Help me make a decision
  157. Surreal enter ASAP urgent!!!!!!
  158. Question about 45s
  159. taramps amps?
  160. Can sound systems actually cause this?
  161. Car-Audio.Wiki
  162. big 3 on 1997 police interceptor question
  163. Anyone familiar with RE 35.1's?
  164. Motor shift help.
  165. Possible to "re-tune" my box lower?
  166. Your opinions?
  167. FINALLY! A place to DL Decaf Zips!
  168. How much difference does a smaller pulley make?
  169. i bring U some EPIC SOUNDS
  170. aq 2200d to 3500d?
  171. Any experience with these co-axials?
  172. maxx alternators
  173. us amps vlx 400
  174. Sealed Batts at Parts Express
  175. high performance alt
  176. Vehicle options
  177. does your stinger volt meter stop working in the cold?
  178. Should i be worried?
  179. can't decide on HU's..never used JVC before!
  180. Who makes decently priced volt meters that are accurate and can read 18 volt systems.
  181. Dual alts for GC
  182. Thank you XS POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!
  183. Best 12" sub for around $200.00 ????
  184. Am I using too much port area to tune lowwww
  185. 4 audiopipe mini 1500s or a sundown 3000
  186. Good earbuds with mic
  187. Need HDC3 specs.
  188. 1/0 Gauge Runs?
  189. port understanding
  190. Help me find a DECENT line driver!
  191. Question on 1/0 gauge
  192. Amps to DEFINITELY stay away from.
  193. Power acoustik 2400.2 1ohm series
  194. Another -Look what came in the mail
  195. New head unit... Need suggestions
  196. Go 16v or stay 12v? Options listed
  197. Anyone have this song?
  198. Jeep Cherokee doors?
  199. how much ca glue?
  200. What to do speaker wise in an 06 mustang. Old CDT setup.
  201. 3 2518s
  202. XS power black friday sale???
  203. ***WOOFER PORN*** Thanks IA/WooferWarehouse
  204. 12" T-Line box possible in this spac?
  205. $200 dollar comp sets with matching coaxials
  206. Why do some people gain match amps that are strapable ???
  207. rule for aero ports
  208. 5 volt deck
  209. From Ported to Sealed.
  210. jtasaro's SMD
  211. PowerAcoustik's Headunit?
  212. ppi pcx 4125
  213. new vfl mini american bass amp test results
  214. Post pics of you spare tire well boxes!
  215. Alpine type x neos
  216. are there any good head units left?
  217. Deck options
  218. Just ordered my Tenney alt... Need help
  219. Electronics guys enter. Which relay do i need?
  220. lets see your burnt coils
  221. Voltage drop when applying the brakes or putting it in gear..
  222. getting ready for a new build
  223. Box builder in the Ok.,Ark. Northern Texas area
  224. Post your best builds
  225. Spring Spacers
  226. fiberglassing material
  227. Post your eletrical and power being ran
  228. Decaf ZIP
  229. tenney alts longevity?
  230. Box advice!
  231. PRV audio
  232. I'd like to stay above 13v
  233. What should i do
  234. Multiple Questions Help
  235. did testing on my new amplification device
  236. Ab Phantom 2k info
  237. Driver's side speaker cutting in and out
  238. help downloading tones to tune amp
  239. online black friday deals?
  240. Good double dins to run active?
  241. Mmats m2000.1d SILVER VS BLACK casing
  242. Starter battery help
  243. idk where that MOB amp thread went.
  244. Help with wiring..?
  245. can i put more power on my sa 15?
  246. what are my options?
  247. Got to mess with the new mini vfl amp today!
  248. Help with my up-coming build?
  249. 98/99 Honda CRV
  250. Need somebody who has the torres box calc to punch these numbers in for me,