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  1. [MODERATE] How To: Learn How To Build Your Own Enclosure
  2. [MODERATE] How To: Design a Ported Enclosure
  3. [MODERATE] How To: Set Your Amplifier Correctly
  4. [BASIC] Install Vinyl Graphics
  5. [MODERATE] How To: Piece Together & Install Air Horns
  6. [BASIC] Why Midbass?
  7. [BASIC] What Should I Get? SVC or DVC?
  8. [MODERATE] Passive Radiators
  9. [MODERATE] Making Baffles For Your Mids
  10. [MODERATE] Testing Wires
  11. [BASIC] What Gauge (awg) Wire Do I Use?
  12. [BASIC] Wiring Diagrams: Single Voice Coil (SVC)
  13. [BASIC] Wiring Speakers
  14. [BASIC] Note on Blown Fuses
  15. [BASIC] Car Stereo Removal Guides
  16. [BASIC] Engine whine and Ground Loop Fixes
  17. [BASIC] Wiring Diagrams: Dual Voice Coil (DVC)
  18. [COMPLEX] Wire Relay
  19. [MODERATE] How To Do The Big III: Tutorial
  20. [BASIC] How To Get The Most Out Of Your Batteries
  21. [BASIC] Tutorial: Making Your Own SOLDERLESS RCA's
  22. [COMPLEX] How to Make your Own RCA: Solder
  23. [MODERATE] Golden Ratio Formula 101
  24. [MODERATE] Mapping the Transfer Function
  25. [COMPLEX] Determining the Tuning Freq. of a Vented Enclosure?
  26. [COMPLEX] Is it Possible to Simulate "Cabin Gain" using WinIsd
  27. [COMPLEX] Properly Calculating Vent Length When Using Multiple Vents?
  28. [BASIC] Sealed vs Ported vs Bandpass (4th order)
  29. [BASIC] What's the Best Way to Tweak My Bass?
  30. [BASIC] What's the Best Wood to use when Constructing an Enclosure?
  31. [BASIC] What's the formula for Port Length?
  32. [BASIC] Active vs. Passive
  33. [COMPLEX] Aperiodic Membranes
  34. [MODERATE] "Clipping", Distortion and How They Affect Our System
  35. [MODERATE] What are T/S Specifications?
  36. [MODERATE] Why is Subsonic Filter Important?
  37. [MODERATE] Will a HighOutput Alternator Fry My Car's Electrical System?
  38. [COMPLEX] Constructing Crossovers
  39. [COMPLEX] Determine the RMS Power Rating of an Amplifier
  40. [COMPLEX] Resistance vs Impedence
  41. [BASIC] The Basic Installer Tool List
  42. [BASIC] What Is A "Class D" Amplifier?
  43. [BASIC] The TRUTH About Headunit Power
  44. [BASIC] What's an Ohm, and Why Should I Care?
  45. [BASIC] Engine whine and ground loop fixes
  46. [MODERATE] What is an Ohm?
  47. [BASIC] Amplifiers and Their Properties
  48. Power Wire Current Flow
  49. Suggested Fuse Sizes
  50. Alternator Swap step by step
  51. How To: Tutorial on how to make Aero-Ports
  52. Quick FYI- active vs passive
  53. How to: Run a single amp to each sub
  54. Tips/helpful hint's to help to not your your setup JACKED
  55. Understanding Car Batteries
  56. Difference in Lead-acid and Deep Cycle batteries
  57. Soldering Large Wire
  58. Soldering Step By step
  59. What not to do to your car when washing.
  60. How to: strap amps
  61. Wanted - What Tutorials would you like to see?
  62. How To: Measuring your amps efficiency
  63. How to: Integrate Nissan Bose and Non Bose with aftermarket equipment.
  64. How to: making your wall safe
  65. How to: Spline bracing
  66. How to Carpet a box
  67. Quick how to- figuring box volume
  68. Eliminating whine and ground loop problems
  69. How to: Making buss bars
  70. How To- Hooking up a second battery in your car
  71. Basics of wiring speakers
  72. Basic Car Audio Installation Guide
  73. How to make a proper ground
  74. **Keep your system safe**
  75. Make your car theft proof
  76. Putting an alarm on your motorcycle
  77. How to make a kerfed port / corner
  78. How to: Draw a box using Google Sketchup
  79. How to: Install a Satelitte Radio Antenna
  80. How to: Hooking up a car sub to your home theatre or computer
  81. How to find resonant frequency
  82. How to find current draw of amp.
  83. Wiring Ohm Loads
  84. **Car Audio Terms Defined**
  86. How to: Making sure your speakers arent blown/ hooked up backwards
  87. How to: Figure port area
  88. Crimping cheap wire terminals
  89. Enclosure volume
  90. Settin gains on amp
  91. How to: Fiberglassing your sub box
  92. Big III----upgrading electrical