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  1. inconsiderate roomates
  2. My son is about to have me break him
  3. How would you handle this?
  4. Help a fallen marines family
  5. who wants to see colors?
  6. no women want anal
  7. life happenz
  8. Had the worst day of my life today
  9. Walmart/Great Value 2liters
  10. Another loss in the audio community
  11. Kidney stone out and stint put in :(
  12. ABC news punked by louis slung poo
  13. this fkking ulcer
  14. Got a new tattoo the other day
  15. ergonomic Ps3 controller?
  16. what's your 'game' ?
  17. starting methadone
  18. Brother Advice?
  19. Engineering class help
  20. Flying for first time *To New York*
  21. Name & Shame Handicap parking abuse
  22. Post your front yard. And why ive been grouchy.
  23. shipping in a clear package [BEWARE OF THE SPIDERS]
  24. Anyone sued someone over an ebay dispute?
  25. Being broke on fathers day... :\
  26. Car Audio May Be A Fatal Attraction lol
  27. Who knows Womblesmurf? ?!?!?!?
  28. Tony30cl's venting thread or some crap
  29. totally captivated by this performance
  30. Relationship help
  31. I joined the army...
  32. Job Interview tomorrow! Wish me luck please!
  33. Got a situation with car
  34. No Shave November
  35. Sad day for my family
  36. Just landed a job.
  37. Does anyone know how to get ahold of crackerjack?
  38. RIP Tommy Pope. AKA bassbear007
  39. What would you do?
  40. Roommate in East Mesa AZ?
  41. was it wrong of me?
  42. need some advice... for roommate.
  43. so it happens
  44. just lost job over someone lying
  45. Apartment building burned down
  46. Going to the movies.. by yourself...
  47. Should I go to on-site jobs w/the man or not????
  48. Getting with a married woman....
  49. passing a kidney stone right now
  50. Buying a house.
  51. help with dad?
  52. im sad and lonely lmao
  53. damn I miss Sony Mobile ES
  54. I'm taking the plunge tomorrow!
  55. father's day is comin!
  56. Put on weight?
  57. How Do You Guys Feel About Your G/F Partying?
  58. Loss my father
  59. Work and lawsuit
  60. Loan or not ...
  61. Whats a good career?
  62. It's my 5 year anniversary...
  63. Hard Times
  64. is the web really this dangerous?
  65. Guys.... I lost my keys
  66. R.I.P. Kryptonitewhite
  67. woman and job dilemma
  68. online dating?
  69. why doesnt this work?
  70. Family problems. Opinions?
  71. its over too soon
  72. I never post in the powder room
  73. well im another one
  74. Prank Calls
  75. Just looking for support
  76. Need your opinion on what my GF should do.
  77. Undies
  78. How often do you hookup?
  79. Panic attacks
  80. this gave me a million feelings
  81. Mom help
  82. Im Engaged! Couldnt have done it without Decaf!
  83. kicking my fb and myspace addiction with CACO!!
  84. So me *****ing about my night at work
  85. Pick up girls at grocery store i work at?
  86. Migranes!
  87. Stetsom amp help
  88. not my night.
  89. Need imput with relationship
  90. I think my wife is cheating on me.....
  91. Can't stop crying...
  92. F*ck Women
  93. Lost my entire life this year. WTF?
  94. reasons women cheat
  95. If you know me please read this !!!!
  96. Leave her or stick with it?
  97. Guys: Help a girl out?
  98. Mdbecoh* - Im depressed
  99. have a safe trip CHAPDAWG1971
  100. the girl found "bad movies"
  101. Did i do the right thing?
  102. Anybody been Cheated on?
  103. I miss
  104. This sums it up
  105. Do you have those nights...
  106. Help me get my girl a B-day present
  107. 2 chix - squirt? Freak?
  108. Do you ever feel worthless?
  109. Just need some help i guess.....
  110. Depression sucks
  111. Broken
  112. Halftime BS thread..........
  113. Bet on the superbowl via ppal?
  114. People with bbt accounts
  115. So whos got 2 thumbs.....
  116. So my bro leaves in 29 days....
  117. Chat with an ex turns into me getting sex
  118. Average
  119. homeless and the less fortunate
  120. She left me again.
  121. Cayman Sunset
  122. At doctors office awaiting drug test for work
  123. Getting your girl back?
  124. She took me....
  125. i haz a major sad
  126. my grandma passed:(
  127. OMG
  128. You slept in my bed last night - m4w
  129. more hellspawn
  130. Never been on a plane
  131. Drinking problem.
  132. f*ck studying
  133. aww
  134. almost 2yrs:D:)
  135. Ladies of CACO enter
  136. Minor gf issue
  137. Monk
  138. Congratulations Scott Sackett!...again!
  139. Teh dedication thread
  140. My life...
  141. Brandy
  142. :(
  143. Need help with resume
  144. When picking a gf
  145. caps has an interview
  146. I gradutated yesterday!!!
  147. For the guys...
  148. Women have no standards
  149. oh nizzy...
  150. Pat awake at 9:12pm????
  151. Everyone...
  152. Hey Guys
  153. Wedding Dance
  154. The new girl in my life
  155. caps
  156. Movie Question
  157. Alright guys another rant
  158. What kind of relationship would you rather be in?
  159. giving head (for women)
  160. The guy who mugged me - m4m
  161. An Open Letter From Your Local Adult Store Clerk
  162. K my turn, rant/need adivce
  163. Describe your sex life using a movie title
  164. Would you tell your spouse if you cheated on them?
  165. am i being a bitch?
  166. My son having surgery today
  167. sex without condom, the new engagement ring?
  168. My situation
  169. Cookie Magazine Sex-Challenge
  170. You see a woman, what's the first thing you look at?
  171. Would you date someone your friend has dated?
  172. How to get a girl, 9 easy steps
  173. How soon is too soon
  174. Anyone married or been married?
  175. How to go down on a woman
  176. Dating: How young is too young?
  177. Craziest place you did it?
  178. V-card