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Showcase cover image for redwrangler's 2007 Mazda 3

General Information

This is the family car that I've slowly been building a decent system in. This has basically been my learning vehicle. The stock alternator is 90 amps so I had it re-wound and it puts out 150 amps at 13.8 volts all day long. I learned how to fiberglass by glassing some kick panels with 5.25" comps in them that came out great despite all my worries. (Q logic doesn't make them for my car so I did). Everything in my car is used or built by myself. I learned how to build and tune ported boxes. It took 3 boxes but I finally got what I wanted. 2 cubes tuned at 30 hz. my first one didn't sound good, my second one was like an spl box tuned at 48 hz and this one is exactly what i like. A box that gets low and sounds smooth. Needless to say I have been building the audio system from ground up on a college student's budget. It's been fun. I plan on getting 2 15's or an 18 in the future but the box will be a tight squeeze.

Sorry the outside of my car is all stock so I'm putting up some pics of boxes and projects I've done for myself and friends



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