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Showcase cover image for whitedragon551's 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT

General Information

Grand Prix GT
Ive got a ZZP racing tranny in it with 2.9 gears, hardened input shaft and a higher stall. Ive got a GMPP performance handling kit on it with over sized sway bars, trailing arms, and a strut brace up front. Its also got a CAI, lowered thermostat, shorter dog bones to pull the engine over the tires more for better grip. Ive got some intake piping on the way to get a true fender well intake. Ive also got some exhaust parts on the way for true header back straight pipes. (I love not having emissions testing).

Interior wise I have pained the dash a custom silver along with all vents, 2.5% tint on the back, and 35% on the fronts. ICE will come later.

Exterior wise Ive got red calipers, tinted liscence plate cover, red turn signals, and a color matching silver grill. I swapped the GT and GTP front bumper for a SE bumper so the bottom air dam is matching black.

System consists of 1 DC Level 4 15" D2 in 4 cubes tuned at 33Hz after port and displacement. Its almost a 4.5 cube box total. Some shitty Pioneer TSA6991R 5-way 6x9s in the rear deck, PG RSD mids, PG RSD x-overs, Diamond Audio D661 tweets, Pioneer DEH5800MP HU with aux input to a Samsung YP-Z MP3 player. I have a Cadence Z1200 on my DC at 1-ohm. Should be pushing about [email protected] or so. I also have a TXA3004 for the comps up front to go active in the near future. Im trying to trade this for some OS stuff. I also have 26sq ft of SS Damp Pro, 13sq in silver and the other 13 in black along with 1 silver SPL tile. All speaker wire is American bass. Power wire is 4 gauge Stinger Custom Pro in black.



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