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  1. 2-Channel Amplifiers
    1. Product: Image Dynamics i2300 2ch "High Fidelity" amp. 2. Specs: 2ch Class A/B 75x2 @ 4ohms 125x2 @ 2ohms 250x1 Bridged Input Sensitivity: 0.5-4V Crossover Slope: 12dB Damping Factor: >150 THD: 0.5% Signal to Noise: >94 dB Variable Hi/Lo Filter: 40-250Hz [/B]3...
  2. 2-Channel Amplifiers
    1. Product: Concept 2130 2. Specs: RMS Power 130w x 2 @4ohm stereo 210w x 2 @2ohm stereo 420w x 1 @ 4ohm mono 3. Description/Condition: I have had this amp for a few years now, i have ran it on subs and components and it is a very reliable amp. I works 10/10, physical appearance 6/10 4...
  3. 2-Channel Amplifiers
    1. Product: AudioBahn DUB 2802 1000W 2 CH (NO TRADES) I would say about 650W RMS 2. Specs: Number of Channels2 RMS Power (4 ohms)500 watts x 2 channels RMS Power (2 ohms)875 watts x 2 channels RMS Power (1 ohm)Not Stable Bridged RMS Power1000 watts x 1 channel Total RMS Power Output1750...
  4. 2-Channel Amplifiers
    [SOLD] Eclipse PA4212 2CH Amps 130wRMS x 2, 400wRMS x 1 @ 4 SOLD Eclipse PA4212 2CH Amplifier (Two Available) $110 Shipped for One $195 Shipped for Both Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping I've chosen to downsize my system, so I'm selling these two very nice Eclipse PA4212 amps. They perform...
1-4 of 4 Results