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  1. Component & Coaxial Speakers
    1. Product: I have a pair of hertz hi energy 6 1/2 midbass, a pair of hertz hi energy 3" midrange, and a pair of Hybrid Audio legatia l1v2 tweeters 2. Specs: Comes without crossovers, used for an active system. 3. Description/Condition: All speakers are in great condition, been installed...
  2. Wiring, Electrical & Other Installation Equipment
    1. Product: Red 3way MCX328 Red 2way 200.73 Blue 3way ----- Blue 2way ----- 2. Specs: Red 3way MCX328 for 4ohm load {all outputs}. points;700hz,5000hz Red 2way 200.73 for 4ohm load {all outputs}. points;6000hz Blue 3way ----- for 4ohm woofer load, for 6ohm midrange load, for 6ohm...
1-2 of 2 Results