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  1. Multi-channel Amplifiers
    1. Product: American bass sq945 2. Specs: RMS AT 4 OHM, MONO 300Wx2CH RMS AT 4 OHM STEREO 100Wx4CH RMS AT 2 OHM STEREO 180Wx4CH I believe it to be underrated as the last amp I had in there was a crescendo 1000, and this was as good or better believe it or not. 3...
  2. New Member Orientation
    I don't know much about car audio. I signed up so I can post some equiptment. I have to move and need the money so my wife said they are going. I have 2 mrv-f900 amplifiers they retail for $3500 I will sell the at a fracion of the price. call Michael 707-694-7248 or email at [email protected]
1-2 of 2 Results