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  1. Wiring, Electrical & Other Installation Equipment
    1. Product: Dremel kit, 4 Gauge Wire, DMM, Fuse Holders, Fiberglass resin and layup supplies, Toolbox, Terminals, Heat Shrink Tubing, Speaker Wire, Subwoofer box caulk Basically a whole bunch of miscellaneous things from years of car audio 2. Specs: Miscellaneous 3...
  2. Wanting to Buy (WTB)
    Product I'm looking for: Amp that does at least rated and around 1k rms @ 2ohms Features: I want it to have a remote bass plug-in and possibly have it accept 1/0 power wire since I already have it ran. If it doesn't oh well. Budget: $200? Condition: Work 100%, cosmetic just needs to be...
1-2 of 2 Results