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  1. Enclosure Discussion & Design Construction Help
    So ya. I got a lil ten inch L7 im tryna actually make sound good, but i've never built a 4th order before. I've researched a few articles and i'm understanding the basic jists of them. but its always taken me two times to get a box right. So... im thinking like. 2.5:1 or something? sealed...
  2. Enclosure Discussion & Design Construction Help
    Hey, I know there's been a lot of crap going on, but I've got a serious question. Subs are getting shipped this week, and I need to decide on an enclosure for sure. I have 50 more yards of fiberglass coming. I currently have 5 gallons of resin, 25 feet of fiberglass cloth, a sheet of 4'x8'...
  3. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    What's up folks need some help here and explanation on what to expect tommorow when I raise my ratio . I have a fourth order with two 18s in a 2.9:1 ratio. 5.75 sealed and 17 ported. I'm looking to gain a little more spl. But I'm unsure were I will gain it at , obviously on the higher...
  4. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    How low can you go on port area in a 4th order. I no most people say use 1/2 the cone area in which my case is 254" but I'm wondering if 200-220" is to low???
  5. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    What other high power handling subs will do great in a 4th order besides these listed below ? Sundown zv4 Fi sp4 Ssa evil 18
  6. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    Need some thought and opinions on what I should do to seal this off, I have brain fart and can't figure out what to do next. I want to carpet some beauty panels but what about these gaps.
  7. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    just a random thought, but I no aero ports can sometimes be louder than rectangular port depending on setup. Why dont guys use them in 4th orders build. I don't see why it wouldn't work. A large diameter something like 14,16,18,20, 24" diameter would be ridiculous and you can make a flare from...
  8. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    Whats up guys I just got around to building my 4th, still have to brace, fiberglass, sand , and put the loading wall in. But I'm curious as to how I'm going to seal it off and make it air tight. Any help and tips is much appreciated.
  9. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    4th orders are monsters, anybody ever seen a loud two 18s 4th order Whats up guys, have any of you guys ever seen a nasty 4th order with just two 18s?? I always see guys doing multiple subs but when I search youtube I cant really find any two 18s setup that are crazy loud. From reading the 4th...
  10. Build Logs
    We have here a Chevy Impala 2009 with two ZV415''s getting powered my a SAZ-4500, and a XS3100 battery, all in a trunk. Being a college student, I can't exactly spend a lot of money at one time, so that is the reason I still have a stock Alt. That's the next thing on the list to buy. Lastly I...
  11. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    What's up guys I got a great idea from someone who looked at my box , they said because of how my box is designed it can be turned into a 4th order. My port is removable and if I take it out and just cover the entire box with a new baffle it will be a big sealed box. A course I will have to cut...
  12. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    What's up guys i have a quick question, when inverting subs (18"s) to a triple baffle would you use regular drywall screws or something stronger, and if you use bolts im sure you would have to pre-drill the same way you would with screws.
1-12 of 30 Results