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5.25 component set
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  1. Component & Coaxial Speakers
    1. Product: 2 sets of New NOS Memphis M class sq series 5.25 Components 15-mcsq5.25 2. Specs: 4 ohm Resonant freq 72 freq response 60-20khz 80 watt max 40 watt peak 87 db Mounting depth 2.4 3. Description/Condition: Brand new never used only opened for pics and to make sure everything was...
  2. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    Im looking for a good 5.25 component set, they will be ran off my headunit for now till i can afford an amp, looking to get them for 150 or less
  3. Wanting to Buy (WTB)
    Product I'm looking for: alpine spx 137r ( to match my spx 177r) plz dont offer me other sets only other set i will consider is the spx 13ref or maybe pro Alpine SPX-137R (spx137r) 5-1/4 2-way Type-X Series Component Budget: pm me we will talk. Condition: working!!!! and preferably 8+ on...
  4. Component & Coaxial Speakers
    1. Product: Diamond M5 Component set 2. Specs: 75 - 125 watts each 3. Description/Condition: Mint only used for 6 months in my personal show car. These are one of the best sounding Comps i have ever used. Comes with the 2 5.25 mids carbon fiber cones I believe, 2 tweeters and 2...
1-4 of 4 Results