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  1. Head Units, Processors & EQs
    1. Product: Pioneer Premier DEH-P880PRS CD Receiver 2. Specs: DEH-P880PRS 3. Description/Condition: Good condition, 8 out of 10. Power harness cut short(No fuse, filter) Remote numbers are worn. Includes, deck, mounting cage, trim ring, remote (Auto eq mic not included). 4. Price: $220...
  2. Car Audio Product Reviews
    1) Independant speaker level control - 880 has it, cd7100 does also. 9887 Also has this feature. 2) Independant phase control for each speaker - 880 has, cd7100 doesn't. I don't believe the 9887 has this feature as I tried to find it in the manual and do not see it. 3) Full subwoofer control -...
1-2 of 2 Results