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  1. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    I recently purchased an Audio Control Epicenter & an Audio Control Matrix Plus to boost bass & volts. Which one comes first on install from unit source, The Matrix or The Epicenter? I will soon be adding an Audio Control EQ to the mix also when I decide which one will best suit my needs. If...
  2. Wanting to Buy (WTB)
    Product I'm looking for: Audiocontrol ESP2 or ESP3 Budget: $60 Condition: New or used with or without dash remote Time Frame (if applicable): ASAP ** DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE OR THREAD WILL BE DELETED ** ----------------------------------------------- This...
  3. Head Units, Processors & EQs
    No longer for sale
  4. Head Units, Processors & EQs
    1. Product: Audio Control EQS 2. Specs: dual 13-band equalizers with level matching controls gray steel chassis with gold-plated RCA jacks line driver increases signal up to 18 dB (up to 9.5 volts RMS) 6-channel preamp inputs and outputs (front, rear, and subwoofer) speaker-level inputs for...
  5. Head Units, Processors & EQs
    1. Product: Three.1 and Epic 150 2. Specs: EQs 3. Description/Condition: Good condition Three.1 has soldered power connection still works great Epic has Power plug 4. Price: : Three.1 $120 shipped Epic $95 shipped 5. Pictures: ** DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE OR...
  6. Head Units, Processors & EQs
    1. Product: Cache coe8 "8 Channel Summing and Line Convertor" 2. Specs: One of the difficulties in adding aftermarket amplifiers and speakers to an OEM system is having enough input channel flexibility to integrate properly with that systems output capabilities. With 4 pairs of independent...
  7. Head Units, Processors & EQs
    1. Product: Audiocontrol Epic-160 2. Specs: in-dash bass processor/SPL meter increases bass response from your system speaker- and preamp-level inputs SPL meter displays sound pressure level or battery voltage built-in microphone frequency response: 10 to 100,000 Hz 6-3/4"W x 5"H x 1"D...
  8. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    Was wondering who on here likes to use line drivers? Ive been lookin at gettin one but not sure if im going to or not. My alpine has 5 volt preouts so my amp gains are gonna be decently low already....but was wondering how much of a difference it would make if I were to use it. Thanks
1-8 of 9 Results