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  1. Enclosure Discussion & Design Construction Help
    Ok, lets discuss the tuning of different boxes. I’d like to learn more about the technical side of things. If I am wrong about anything, please do correct me Starting off, sealed. Smaller sealed boxes are “tuned” higher and don’t have good low-end response. To my understanding, it’s better to...
  2. Enclosure Discussion & Design Construction Help
    I haven't posted a build log here, but might if people are interested. I have a 2007 Silverado Crew cab that I took the back seats out of. I currently own two DD Z 12's, but will be getting them re-coned into 18's after I sell my other subs. I've been doing some thinking. Below the window...
  3. Enclosure Discussion & Design Construction Help
    Some know I have a regular center ported wall, am plenty happy with it, but was entertaining the possibility of pulling the baffles, and making it a 4th. Only issue is, space. I can fit about 20 cubes back there, current box is 16 cubes. More of what I am trying to find out is, what worked for...
  4. Member Rides & System Pictures
    So I thought I would try a 4th order bandpass build. I am using the same sub I had before in a 3.5 cubes ported enclosure tuned at 34hz. So I built this one. Specs are 2 cubes sealed, 3.5 ported at 45-46hz with a 50" of port area. Still need to sand it, maybe paint or carpet...
  5. Enclosure Discussion & Design Construction Help
    Does it make a difference if the rear port is in the same axis as the front port, compared to the two ports being 90 deg out? Not much information out there regarding quasi (series) tuned bandpass enclosures...
  6. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    Anyone done a bandpass with a q series? Will a bandpass be a good enclosure with a high xmax sub? Sub/box is going in a 74 Nova. Truck is made of thick metal, seats of course don't fold down so going to port through the rear deck. I fiqured that would be the best combo for decent sound levels.
1-6 of 6 Results