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  1. Enclosure Discussion & Design Construction Help
    I am going to be helping my friend out with his BLOWTHREW in his 1994 GMC 1500 .. wanting to no wat all is involved and box suggestions we are using 4-SA12s and a SAZ3500 or M3 (DD) amp to push em .. all help will be great including wat materials we will need and wat to watch out for ...
  2. New Member Orientation
    wats good everybody .. I love car audio basically... all types and styles love to see people doing new things and love subs that give stupid BASS... i currently run a Digital Designs (DD) setup in my car (subs/amps/comp./spkrs/everything) with 0 and 4 gauge runs of Raptor wire and 2 C&D batterys...
1-2 of 2 Results