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  1. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    Well, my first "from scratch" build went off without a hitch, and just 5 hours after the parts came in the mail, I got it all clamped up and drying in the kitchen. (Fun fact: the guys over at have never built a quad leadwire 2.5" spider before, or at least up until a few days...
  2. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    A friend is wanting a budget build for a 2001 Buick Lesabre trunk. Open to suggestions on subs and amp? Trying to keep under $400 I was thinking 2 pioneer 12dvc and some chinese class D. Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. Member Rides & System Pictures
    I just switched cars to a 98 wrangler. Hit me up with what ideas you guys have for a decent single 12/ two 10/ set up. Tryin to save some room... probably won't happen... Also looking for how to mount tweets on a dash that is flat.
  4. Build Logs
    Here are some updated pics everything is done and installed except i havent recieved recone kit yet so still waiting for that to be shipped and delivered, but enjoy tell me what you think. Picked up my box that was built locally by surreal its a horn designed enclosure huge port mouth he...
  5. Enclosure Discussion & Design Construction Help
    im building a box for a level 5 15" , and trying to get a few ideas .. the site says 3.75 ft3 recommended , but i think thats just a starting point or a ballpark ???? so if you have a 15" level 5 or have some input you wouldnt mind sharing please let me know :) its going to be in the back of a...
  6. Enclosure Discussion & Design Construction Help
    I did this box design based on the sellers recomendation. Why does RE's box calculator say to cut the Right plate 1 inch shorter in length than the left plate?? That cant be right can it
  7. Build Logs
    This is my first time posting about my setup on this forum. A few details: Big 3 done, Purple Haze deep cycle. AQ1200d, 1 HDC312 copper, a Profile Baja amp for the speakers, all controlled by a Pioneer AVH-3100dvd. Im relatively new to this level of car audio and Ive come a long way from my 1 12...
  8. Build Logs
    After almost 2 years of having the car I'm finally putting in an audio setup. Wish I didn't have to sell my Zapco C2K amps and CK comps, but it needed to be done, so now I'm off to a start with a budget setup. Most people stick to 10's or 12's but I like doing things a little different. Going...
  9. Build Logs
    Im copying/pasting this from the uninterupted build log. Like i said, this car is going to take some time but will eventually be putting some nice stuff into it. Just thought id post it here too to get some feedback, and ill keep the other thread there so i can have the updates with no other...
  10. Build Logs
    This is going to go pretty slow after the box is done. Will not have a car for a little bit. Plans are: H/U Pioneer DEH-P4900IB Comps- Powerbase extreme 5.25" Comp Amp - Dr Crankenstein m80 Subs- Custom 15's (By Team Psi) 500+ rms Sub Amp- Crossfire Bmf 1000D Optima Blue Top battery in...
1-10 of 10 Results