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  1. 12" Subwoofers
    1. Product: DC lvl 3? 2. Specs: No idea. 3. Description/Condition: The sub was traded for locally. It was re-coned after it blew, at which point it came into my possession. The person who reconed it did a sloppy job on the spider glue as you can see. I was informed by a text message in...
  2. Wanting to Buy (WTB)
    Product I'm looking for: 3 10s Budget: Neg Condition: NIB or Used lightly Time Frame (if applicable): Sooner then later. ** DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE OR THREAD WILL BE DELETED ** ----------------------------------------------- This message is...
  3. 12" Subwoofers
    1. Product: 1 DC Sound labs Level 5 D2 subwoofer 2. Specs: Mounting Depth 8.25 Mounting Hole Diameter 11" Motor Width 9.84" Weight 78lbs VC Diameter 3" Flat 8 layer Displacement .20³ ft...
  4. 12" Subwoofers
    1. Product: 4 12" DVC2ohm DC Audio Level 4's with custom caps 2. Specs: Mounting Depth 6.75" Mounting Hole Diameter 11" Motor Width 7.75" Weight 32.5lbs VC Diameter 3" Magnet Weight 28.5lbs Power Handling RMS/Peak 1000/2000 Impedance D 2ohm Sd 494.00...
1-4 of 4 Results