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eclipse ti
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  1. 15" Subwoofers
    1. Product: 15" TC Sounds 3hp neo 2. Specs: 3Hp neo motor non-linear 15" TI basket D2 Aluminum roundwound coil 2- medium spaced TC spiders dual sewn leads 15" pro5200/ aura 1508 cone (proto) FS-34.32hz QES-0.443 QMS-7.863 QTS-0.419 VAS-56.15L MMS-269g Bl-21.04tm Le-2.13mH Re-3.381ohms...
  2. Enclosure Discussion & Design Construction Help
    I need to know what kind of box to put in my trailblazer. I have two eclipse sw9152 titaniums and want to build a box and want to tune it somewhere in between 27-32 but want to know what would sound best and if I should have them facing up or towards the rear and hat size should it be
  3. Box Requests
    1. Car. Year, Make, Model:2007 Chevrolet trailblazer 2. Subs. Make, Model, Size, How many:2 eclipse sw9152 15's 3. Power. How much power per sub:Not sure yet but will be 1-1500 4. Goal. SPL or SQ:70/30 or 50-50 5. Sealed or ported:Ported 6. Sub/port placement:Top or rear 7. Max...
  4. Wanting to Buy (WTB)
    Found them and have a trade pending!! Product I'm looking for: 2 12" TC sounds baskets or Eclipse Ti baskets (needs to fit 10" spider) Budget: the amount it costs to get what I want I will pay, of course condition effects price. I have lots of goodies for possible trades too if thats what...
1-4 of 4 Results