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  1. Wiring, Electrical & Other Installation Equipment
    1. Product: misc wiring some long strands i believe there is enough runs to wire up at least 2 vehicles some misc install connectors 2. Specs: 3. Description/Condition: some new some used 4. Price: : 200 obo for all of it 5. Pictures: will add pictures from my phone...
  2. Wiring, Electrical & Other Installation Equipment
    1. Product: 100Ft. roll of 4gauge Raptor wire and 23ft run of blue 4 gauge wire . 10Ft of red OFC Tsunami comp. speaker wire 16 Gauge ..and misc runs of 4gauge and 10 gauge from 2ft.-5ft. 2. Specs: 100ft roll sealed and brand new other 23ft is left over from 100ft roll and rest is just...
  3. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    How would I go about mounting my amp? It's in my trunk with my subs (2 10") at the moment. I had my amp on top of the subs just for now but my subs vibrated so bad it threw the amp off the top lol. Should I mount the amp to the top of the subs? If I do that's quite a bit of vibration going to...
1-3 of 4 Results