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  1. CACO Amp Internals
    Amp Name: hifonics zeus zxi6406 Specs: 85x4 @ 4 [email protected] 340x2 @ 4 bridged all spec @ 14.4v its maxxsonics Pictures (required): Reference/Credit : i took em
  2. Broken & Non-working equipment
    1. Product: Hifonics MLX-100 2. Specs: MAXX-Link is a chrome-finished universal amplifier bridging and synchronization module that permits interconnectivity, or linking, up of five amplifier pairs into a "master and slave" configuration. It is ideal for linking a pair of amps together to...
  3. Wanting to Buy (WTB)
    Product I'm looking for: A LARGE Team DC Audio Decal or a regular DC Audio Decal for my back windshield and 2 small one for my side windows. i would also like 2 small maxxsonics (just the letters no symbol) decals for my side windows as well. I need them by Saturday to show off at the Local Car...
  4. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    Well I built a box yesterday and installed it today.... I decided to build me a box that was 3.6 cubic feet gross, about 2.5 net.... Break down 3.625 cf gross volume Box ruffly 2.5cf 45's displacement .156 Sub displacement estimated .180 cf port displacement .849 <---Calculated again...
  5. Component & Coaxial Speakers
    1. Product: New Components manufactured for Germany sales not for USA sales.. 2. Specs: 125 rms 4 ohms 3. Description/Condition: They new, didn't fit in the car, so some are just unwrapped from plastic bag 4. Price: : Asking $90 shipped to Lower 48 states 5. Pictures...
1-5 of 5 Results