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  1. Mono Amplifiers
    1. Product: I have an old school Memphis mc500d great solid amp small footprint but great amount of power and a great sounding amp 2. Specs: This is a great sold amp for a low price they are listed at 2 ohm stable but ive only HEARD they are 1ohm stable on the web i read a guy ran his for...
  2. Mono Amplifiers
    1. Product: Memphis Audio 16-ST1000D Mono Amp Class D with remote. For more information, click the link under Pictures. 2. Specs: 1 x 300W @ 4 ohms (0.75% THD) 1 x 600W @ 2 ohms (1.0% THD) 1 x 1100W @ 1 ohm (1.2% THD) S/N Ratio: >95dB Freq. Response: 10Hz ~ 650Hz (± 1dB) Efficiency: 90%...
1-2 of 2 Results