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  1. Wanting to Buy (WTB)
    Product I'm looking for: I'm looking for some Neo 15" subs or motor's extra. I really want some Neo subs if the price is right I might jump on them. I really like the ia warden's kinda just seeing what's availl that's used I'm looking for subs that have Neo's and run over 2500rms..... Budget...
  2. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    This is product information for those interested in looking at an in depth view at the Hifi 12. :thumbsup: Discuss.
  3. Speaker Accessories & Parts
    1. Product: Two of each part pictured :fyi: I've got two motors, coils, dustcaps, and baskets. 2. Specs: N/A 3. Description/Condition: Great cosmetic and perfect mechanical condition. The dustcaps may have a little nick here or there on some of the silver paint, but theres not even any...
1-3 of 3 Results