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multiple amps
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  1. Multi-channel Amplifiers
    1. Product: JBL MS-8, MS-A1004, MS-A5001 package 2. Specs: MS-8 JBL MS-8 Digital sound processor at MS-A1004 100x4 @2 or 4 ohms 200x2 bridged THD <1% Signal to Noise 80dB MS-A5001 500x1 @2 or 4 ohms THD <1% Signal to Noise 80dB 3. Description/Condition: MS-8 Function...
  2. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    whats the best way to hook up the rca's on 4 xtant x1001s to my system? head unit has 1 sub output and the amps have (1) input and (1) output on them and what about remote wire? some kind or relay i guess? :dontknow: help me out guys. thanks!
1-2 of 2 Results