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ppi amp
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  1. Broken & Non-working equipment
    1. Product: PPI ART A600 non-working PPI ART A200 works but rough cosmetically Phoenix Gold ZX 450 2. Specs: Google search will answer everything 3. Description/Condition: I was going to have the 2 non working ones fixed and the A200 recapped but trying to fund more of my...
  2. eBay
    Up for sale is my PPI PC2350. Class A 2 Channel Amplifier 350x2 4ohm, 700x2 2ohm, 1400x1 4ohm. This thing is an old school BEAST! :angry5: Precision Power PC2350 PPI Power Class Amp | eBay
  3. Multi-channel Amplifiers
    1. Product: PPI 4200AM 2. Specs: 4 by 50watts @ 4ohm on 12 volts with 0.02% THD. (1/50th of 1% THD) 4 by 100watts @ 2ohm on 12 volts with 0.02% THD. (1/50th of 1% THD) 2 by 200watts @ 4ohm bridged on 12 volts with 0.05% THD. (1/20th of 1% THD) It has no crossovers. just the two gains...
1-3 of 3 Results