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ramming speed in the tuna lagoon

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    I know you said you were going to do a write up in the thread that got deleted, and said you'd be posting later that day as it was a long write up. Mind posting it up, so perhaps it can sway some things, or will it never happen? Not trying to stir the pot, just asking.....:dontknow:
  2. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    I feel like being all helpful and what not today. Soooo... what'cha got?
  3. Build Logs
    Pieper's AUDIO TECHNIX Escape build Keep forgetting to post this over here, so I guess now is the time. I iz copying this for another forum so forgive the timing. So, I'm bored at work tonight and this is starting this week so I'll throw is up. *Gonna be slow. Work's kicking my ass right now...
  4. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    Holy S**T i got my 2 15 t1's today and ups beat the hell out of them. Totally there fault . Look at the pics i took the second i got the box :o:o:o the sub had a few prior dents but not this bad by any means. And the 2nd sub, also had dents that were not there before shipping...
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    anyone from iowa wanna chat and make deals.. trades sells. whatever.. lets get an iowa thread going :)
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    Copied from his FB page: New build is going to be 10 PSI 18s in a 4th order. 5 sundown 4500s, 3-4 sundown 200.4s (already have 3), AT LEAST 32 sundown pro audio 8s,8-10 xspower 14 volt batteries,charged by 6 mechman 350s Installed by K.O.B. KUSTOMS... yeah thats all =D
  7. Off Topic Chat
    I think Bobby P transcends all things car audio related. There is not another human being on this Earth that has a greater name. For that I am a fan for life. This kid can have his way with one of my dogs and beat up my sick lady (did I write that correctly?) and I would still give him a pass...
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    We win guys, dont worry.
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    This is the three word thread. ONLY three words PER POST. In honor of the original that was shut down on a non fun website. ( but we can do it here because we like to have fun here) :) Be creative Merry Christmas Ya'll