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    1. Product: rims and tires... all good matching set size p235/70 R15 2. Specs: chevy 5 on 5 pattern see pics 3. Description/Condition: good see pics 4. What you are looking for: : small mono block amp and 4ch amp 5. Pictures of your item for trade: Rims And Tires Photos by...
  2. Miscellaneous Stuff For Sale
    1. Product: 24"x10 2Crave Alloys No. 11 Black (no tires) 2. Specs: 24x10, 6 lug pattern 3. Description/Condition: 9/10 (one rim has MINOR curb rub approx 3 in scratch, easily fixed) 4. Price: : 1300+shipping 5. Pictures: ** DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE...
  3. Miscellaneous Stuff For Sale
    1. Product: (4) TIS 20 inch rims 2. Specs: lug pattern 6x4.5 3. Description/Condition: rims 9/10 tires 5/10(2 need replaced. 4. Price: : 800 or trade for system or high end computer 5. Pictures: ** DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE OR THREAD WILL BE DELETED **...
  4. General Automotive Chat
    How do you clean alloy rims? What's the best and what's the cheapest? I used Dawn dish soap and water to get most the crap off but I want them to shine and not just be clean. Could I just use chrome rim polish or would that not work or damage them?
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    I buy and sell lots and lots of rims and was thinging since there is no real place to sell them we could add a section on CAC for them. Good idea? Bad idea? I could use it myself but how many others could?