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  1. Multi-channel Amplifiers
    1. Products: Lanzar 160 2. Specs: 160: 40 X 4 3. Descriptions/Condition of all items: Perfect finish, no major scratches. one RCA sticks out a bit more than the other three but it works with no problems and the original owner said it's been like that since day one. The front crossover is...
  2. Wiring, Electrical & Other Installation Equipment
    1. Product: Red 3way MCX328 Red 2way 200.73 Blue 3way ----- Blue 2way ----- 2. Specs: Red 3way MCX328 for 4ohm load {all outputs}. points;700hz,5000hz Red 2way 200.73 for 4ohm load {all outputs}. points;6000hz Blue 3way ----- for 4ohm woofer load, for 6ohm midrange load, for 6ohm...
1-2 of 3 Results