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  1. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    Anyone on here have any experience with DD 9518's in a flat wall? I know that may be a long shot, but I was hoping to find someone with experience and find out where they ended up volume wise on the enclosure and maybe port area that worked well either for music or for burps. Any info is...
  2. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    I'm about to glass my doors and would love to see what others have done. i plan on (8) 8inch mids and 6 super tweeters. (3) in each front door with 2 crescendo ft1's. 1 of each in the rear doors...unless i can fit 2 8's in the rear doors then i'll have a total of (10) 8's btw, NBS 2001-2006...
  3. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    So here is my newest build. Measured up the yukon and started playing around with sketchup and bassbox and came up with this design and I had a couple questions. Will the dual ports work instead of one larger port because I really want 10 12's to fit and that's the only way I can see it...
  4. Enclosure Discussion & Design Construction Help
    i wanted to no if anyone has used or heard anthing about these subs ? they are MA Audio HK15X2 like 2k rms 4k peak is wat they say they will handle ? I want a 4-15 setup and able to do hair tricks and hit a decent # ? or another 15 thats around $250/each thanks
  5. Car Audio Videos
    Ok this build is called the budgasystem and the truck's name is "CheapHoe". It's not no competing vehicle on any level, just wanted to do a system on a budget and demo it
1-5 of 5 Results