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  1. Car Audio Videos
    YouTube - ‪Video Spread #2 Brandon TDH‬‏ Here is a video spread that was done at the Carlisle show in PA and the man in this video is Brandon W of Team Deadly Hertz. He has 2 15's DC Audio Level 6 subs with 2 Lanzar Opti 6000's. Bass wise I have to say that for what he has, I never heard...
  2. Team Deadly Hertz
    Heres a rundown of mah current system. Fried my 18" Level 4s mid season and am saving up for my T3 build. Put this together to hold me over and still bassrace 139.9. Took 1st in extreme 5 at a recent comp:lmao: Head unit: Alpine 9857 Front speakers: RF T162S door mids/ dash tweets Rear...
1-2 of 2 Results