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  1. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    What kinda box does this need? Daily rms? Worth? Is this new or old style?
  2. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    Got on at work today. No specs listed for the 8" We have a sealed 0.88 and vented 0.73 tuned to 37hz Which would be better? I want to hit 30hz Should I build a custom box?
  3. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    I notice a tick on high volume...sounds more metal than plastic... What is going on? ssx12.22 it's inverted btw
  4. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    What would this actually take power wise?
  5. (Fix My Speaker)
    Sub works fine but I'm curious what I could do to it in the event that anything happened. I only care about 20-40hz, if that makes a difference.
  6. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    Got a [email protected] 1 amp and sometimes it drops down to 14.2 Does this mean that 900w is about the most my electrical can handle? Or does it depend more on how efficient the amp is? Or even the box? It dips most at at or above resonance (43hz and up) or on ~32hz I had planned to get a slightly bigger...
  7. Craigslist Deals Crazy good deal
  8. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    About what is the value on each? Some dude with a AB XFL 12" wants my treo SSX and declined my request for $100 extra on his end... From what I looked up, the XFL 12" can handle close to 1500w rms clean, and my treo ssx can handle 2.5-3k clean? Are these accurate? To be honest, if it can...
  9. eBay
    Treo SSX 12" D2 534oz Motor 2500 3000W RMS | eBay Yes the price is ridiculous...make an offer, that's what it's there for. Trade for sax 50.4 or other active 4 channel forum brand amp. ** DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE OR THREAD WILL BE DELETED **...
  10. Car Audio Trader (WTT)
    1. Product: Treo SSX 12" 2. Specs: 3" coil, 2000w rms (rated) d2, but final impedance is 1.3 3. Description/Condition: 7-8/10 looks wise. 9/10 mechanically due to it being 1.3 ohms Some minor scrapes here and there. Played for about an hour and has been sitting on my shelf ever since...
  11. 10" Subwoofers
    1. Product: Treo SSI 10.22 2. Specs: 10" SSI Dual 2 Ohm VCs 750W RMS 1500W Max Spec Sheet Here 3. Description/Condition: Like New Condition Never installed Slight "rub" marks on the surround from storage (you cannot even see them in the pictures) Cosmetically 8 out of 10 Mechanically 9...
  12. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    Hi everyone. I had a question well first off I currently have and Soundstream rub1.2500. I'm wanting more power but I'm not sure how to exactly get it. I have an treo ssx 12 dual one. I was wondering should I get another rub1.2500 or just buy and AQ3500. I want to know which one will get me the...
  13. 15" Subwoofers
    Item(s) for Sale: Two Treo CSX 15s Item(s) Description/Condition: Two BAD AZZ subs right here. 3inch coils 8 layer aluminum dual .9ohms. They are SPL oriented and do not have a pole vent. They will take whatever you put to them for burps and 1500-2k daily. Spiders are still stiff as...
  14. 8" Subwoofers
    1. Product: Title 2. Specs: (Pre Break-In) Xmax 1" 500rms Re = 8.2347 ohms Fs = 37.7124 Hz Zmax = 108.3805 ohms Qes = 0.8700 Qms = 10.5808 Qts = 0.8039 Le = 5.6547 mH (at 1 kHz) Diam = 160.0200 mm ( 6.3000 in ) Sd...
  15. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    i currently have a kicker zx 2500 at 2 ohms. wondering if anyone knows if it can handle a 1 ohm load and any problems doing it i know kicker says its not 1 ohm stable but we all know how companies rate their stuff. if anyone has any feedback or personally knows about doing this please let me know.
  16. Wanting to Buy (WTB)
    Product I'm looking for: 2 12 inch Treo SSX's and A Treo amp to put them to the max Budget: Any Condition: Like new or New Time Frame: ASAP ----------------------------------------------- This message is automatically inserted in all classified threads. Please be advised, all buyers...
  17. Mono Amplifiers
    1. Product: Treo ssx2000.1 2. Specs: SSX2000.1 750Wx1 @ 4 Ohms 0.1% THD 14.4VDC 1300Wx1 @ 2 Ohms 0.1% THD 14.4VDC 2000Wx1 @ 1 Ohm 0.1% THD 14.4VDC Features: Eight different models to choose from including two stereo class-A/B models, teo four channel Class-A/B modela, and four...
1-18 of 21 Results