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  1. Multi-channel Amplifiers
    DLS A5 The BIG 3 ch amp Super High End 1. Product: DLS A5 2. Specs: 85 watts x 2 and 300x1 4ohms OR 120x2 and 500x1 at 2ohms 3. Description/Condition: NEW retails for $899 this is the last one we have and these are GREAT high end amps with ULTRA CLEAR SOUND if you are looking foe Sound...
  2. Wanting to Buy (WTB)
    Product I'm looking for: battery terminals with 1/0 inputs Budget: CCCHCHCHCHEAP Condition: working Time Frame (if applicable): ASAP ----------------------------------------------- This message is automatically inserted in all classified threads. Please be advised, all buyers and sellers...
  3. Mono Amplifiers
    1. Product: Tru SH-1 2. Specs: 4000wrms 1 ohm 3. Description/Condition: Up for sale is used but in pristine condition TRU SH - 1, This is the "BIG DADDY" the top of the food chain of the mono amp. This is the "SLEDGE HAMMER" which is two "hammers" stacked. Very limited production. This...
1-3 of 3 Results