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  1. 12" Subwoofers
    Please, I have lots of items for sale. Be specific when you send a PM so I know what you are interested in!!! 1. Product: 2 – 12“ PSI Level 1 Subwoofers. High Performance upgrade. 2. Specs: Dual 1 Ω (0.8 measured) 1000 WRMS. 08/2012 dated. Sewn leads, stiffer single spider suspension...
  2. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    So late February i started looking for a H.O Alt so i email Dc Power and get a response within a couple hours i asked for a price quote for a alt to fit a pontiac g6 2006 3.5l and they explain the alts they carry and later in the email state the price of each alt available for my vehicle im...
  3. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    Would new speakers make lots of difference in sound? I am really only going to bass and quality not the vocal loudness. I only have 2 speakers hooked up in my car atm and they are either 5 1/4 or 6 1/2. I can't tell because they aren't visible and those are the only sizes I can find for my car...
1-3 of 3 Results