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  1. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    I have a 99 durango w/3rd row seats. so I put my soundstream rub1.2500 in the tool box they have. And my americanbass hd 15 on top of it. my prob is that the way want it the wires move every time I open the lid. uestion is can I take 2 rods bend them so they fit in the small area and down and...
  2. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    BATTERY CABLES Just wondering what some peoples opinions were on this wire?
  3. Wanting to Buy (WTB)
    Product I'm looking for: 0ga power wire Budget: 50-70 Condition: new /used maybe Time Frame (if applicable): by summer hopefully before not sure wat brand to go with something nice but not to pricey ** DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE OR THREAD WILL BE DELETED...
  4. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    [RESOLVED]Need an amp, need your help to find a correct one. I have no idea what to look into for an amp. I want to spend no more than $150. I am just going to plug my speakers into it, I don't have a sub. If you do find an amp I could use that is GOOD then would I need a wiring kit or would...
1-4 of 4 Results