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  1. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    Saw an ad on offerup and it was $200 My buddy was able to snag it and the guy wasn't responding to me Been on his nuts to trade him for some stuff he wants of mine but he's not budging much He has a ppi 900.4 already and I have one too. Figured he could just run 2 900.4's. He wants 2 more...
  2. CACO Amp Internals
    Amp Name: Hifonics industria gemini Specs: 50x4 @ 4 unsure of actual output Pictures (required): Reference/Credit i took em
  3. CACO Amp Internals
    Amp Name: ESX Quantum Q802xi Specs: 425x2 @1 -- 800x1 @ 2 Pictures (required): ] Reference/Credit : i took them
  4. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    anybody have any experiance with them? Found one forsale never heard of it and did a little research on the company said there from the late 80s-mid 90s making decks and started amps. From the picture i saw of the amp had lots of controls and was pretty large. Just would like to know a little...
  5. Multi-channel Amplifiers
    1. Product: Zed Audio Leviathan 2. Specs: * High performance full range class D amplifier * 6,5,4 or 3 Channel amplifier * 150w x 6 at 4 ohm * 250w x 6 at 2 ohm * 24dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley crossovers * Burr Brown ICs in the...
1-5 of 5 Results