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  1. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
  2. Wanting to Buy (WTB)
    Product I'm looking for: ^^^^ Budget: variable Condition: working or blown Time Frame (if applicable): asap ** DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE OR THREAD WILL BE DELETED ** ----------------------------------------------- This message is automatically inserted in...
  3. Enclosure Discussion & Design Construction Help
    Planning one running a single Zv4 12 on a saz3500. Wanted to know what the displacement of the zv4 was. Also recommended cubic feet of the box as well as how much port? Thanks.
  4. General Car Audio Discussion & Questions
    I have sent an email to you guys at least 3 different times to three different email addresses you guys have, first being sent over a month ago 12/22/13 and have yet to receive any kind of response. Im trying to do big build with a sundown z v4 15" but i cant until i get an answer. So here's...
  5. 12" Subwoofers
    1. Product: Zv2, 50+lb beast 2. Specs: 1500rms, 4ga terminals, zv3 softies 3. Description/Condition: 10/10 mechanical, and 8.5/10 cosm 4. Price: : $230 shipped which I feel is very fair. shipping isnt cheap. no longer looking for trades 5. Pictures: Surround has very faint...
1-5 of 26 Results