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0 gauge Kicker hyperflex wiring kit plus extra wire

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1. Product:

Kicker PKD1 kit
and some extra wire.

Comes with with everything that is in that kit except the kicker 4 gauge since im still using that for my 4 channel but I added some other 4 gauge stuff and also no remote lead wire

2. Specs:

1/0 Gauge dual amplifier power kit
Designed for systems up to 3000 watts
Includes KICKER hyper-flex wire for incredible flexibility and power transfer
Cable is silver tinned OFC copper for the best power transfer possible
Inlcudes both a fuse holder and a non-fused distribution block for your installation needs
Includes a 300 amp fuse and all the installation accessories

3. Description/Condition:

0 gauge blue hyper flex is still installed in my car but will be removed if bought. Not for sure on exact lenght but longest run is probably around 15 feet probably more since it runs the length of the car.
0 gauge KCA Knu CCA 4' 2"
0 gauge Grey Hyperflex 6'
4 Gauge blue knu klmx cca 12'
4 Gauge brown Q power 3' 2"
4 gauge blue Audiopipe 3' 6"
8 gauge Rockford Fosgate Red 15'
16 gauge kicker hyperflex blue/grey speaker wire 25'
Kicker badge
Fuse Holder
2 distro blocks
300 anl fuse

Most is used but in good condition. Date on the distro blocks and fuse holder reads 2/8/10 but is suppose to be 2011 still not used changing the year.

4. Price: :

225 shipped.

5. Pictures:


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how much just for all the 0gwire?
ill take the blue knu 4ga if you wanna separate.
there you go ,ship the 4ga and 0ga all together to drew,ill pick it up from him , llol
I want to try and sell it all first. You guys get dibs if I decide to separate.
if someone wants the fuse holder and distro blocks that will work...
ok letme know
are the distro blocks just for 0g? im needing a 4g one. If it is 4g how much shipped to 62822?
Its 0 gauge in, 1 zero gauge out with multiple 4 gauge out.
I'll take all the 0ga pm me price shipped to 33478
I'm interested in one of the distribution blocks. Just pm me if ones still available.
Want to try and sell it all together so lets try this...

200 shipped?
bump need to sell this
I'd take 0g Kicker's grey/black wire if u were to separate.
how much for all the kicker wire shipped to 48846
I would be interested in one of the distro blocks. Hit me up.
Pricing for items seperated.

All 0 guage with fuse holder and 300a fuse. 100 shipped
Just the wire 75 shipped
Longest run is actually 12 ft. I forgot it was connected to the distro but the second blue hyperflex piece is a little over 4 ft.
0 gauge blue hyperflex 12ft
0 gauge blue hyperflex 4 ft
0 gauge blue KCA Knu CCA 4' 2"
0 gauge blue KCA KNU CCA 3' ring terminals on both ends
0 gauge Grey Hyperflex 4' 6"

I will sell just the wire if the fuse and fuse holder sell first. Price for those two 25 shipped.

4 gauge and other wire listed below for 45 shipped.
4 Gauge blue knu klmx cca 12'
4 Gauge brown Q power 3' 2"
4 gauge blue Audiopipe 3' 6"
8 gauge Rockford Fosgate Red 15'
16 gauge kicker hyperflex blue/grey speaker wire 25'

Two distro blocks 40 shipped. Will separate if i have a buyer for each.
I think one might be missing one screw for one of the 4 gauge outputs.
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1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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