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12" baskets motor CF cap etc

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1. Product:
(1)12" p3 basket with ring cover and motor cover
(1)12" AQ/dd/konaki basket SOLD
(1)Atomic ELE dual 2 2.5 vc(early 90's model) magnet cover also
(1)5 !/2 CF cap
(1)12" foam surround

2. Specs:
7 1/2 spider basic 6 bolt, needs to be cleaned
basic 6 bolt cleaned but basket was sprayed silver
1500 daily 2500 burps with Atomics recone qouted 130 for the recone
cf cone
just foam

3. Description/Condition:
baskets are both 6 bolt pattern p3 spider is 7 1/2 aq is the basic width you'll find on every dd/fi etc
Motor has scuffs one bolt broke in can be tapped out

4. Price: :
$30 p3
$35 aq
$60 motor
$20 foam and cap

5. Pictures:

or give me best offer for everything, pretty sure everything can fit thru a flat rate box, must go i need funds for toolmaker plugs :D


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u know what make it simple $100 shipped for everything :D
i dont have any use for rebuilding subs @ the moment i have a 18 btl in the werks. not gonna be building anytime soon, soorry bud, you can buy everythang for $100 :D
60 for the atomic motor?
yes sir,
Nice price, glws... :)
thx bud
$60 shipped

here it is with the aq basket, had posted b4
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Pmd back
no one interested? need them gone pick up will be cheaper!
Aq basket $35 shipped?
yeah $35 shipped in the 48 states..
aq basket sold.. everythings else still here..
Man i will snag it all if i can get my motor sold today, and i probly will. Mounting depth of th ele with rf basket?
not to sure on that, i just test fitted it only never bother to run it that way but,i know for a fact that all the 12 spoke baskets fit and the common fi re 12 spokes came with these models also, i had it as a 12 and then reconed to a 15 and like i told other people, i dont have use for this anymore cause i found a adeal on an 18. the recone i had was thru Atomic itself George helped me out, i planned on getting it reconed into a 12 again thats why i got theaq/dd basket and was planning to do straight leads instead of terminals but changed my mind, recone is $130 shipped with everything and upgrades flat wound beefed up coil..
Well since the aq basket is gone, price will be $80 shipped flat rate large box or boxes :D
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