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12" SI Mag and IA Death Row PIC* comparison

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I recently picked up a 12" IA Death Row series for $80!! Unfortunetly I could not compare them sound-wise because the Death Row wouldn't fit in my enclosure's hole. SOO I figured I'd give you guys some pretty pictures to look at lol. The SI is a V1 Mag Claw w/ V3 softpart Recone, Enjoy!

Vid of Mag off 240watt plate amp :)

The Mag is heavier btw.
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Both look beastly!!!

The Death Row looks pretty impressive.
It is. I put it in my Mag enclosure (2.5 @ 32hz) as much as I could, gave it 240w, and it shook the house. I am selling it tommorow locally for $275....195 DOLLA PROFITTT :eek:verlyhappy:
That's a beast!
I run 4 DR 15's and yes they are beasts! They are underated and get low and loud. And sound good doing it too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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