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2 AQ HDC3 18s box

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Alright guys, so I've finally decided on what I want to get. Two of the hdc3 18s, both dual 2 ohms to run @ .5 ohms off of an AQ3500d.1.

All of my electrical shit is going to be taken care of, and I'm wanting to make the right box for these two 18s in the back of my third door extended cab pickup.

I've read everywhere that the hdc3's love 35-38 hz. I want a lower setting, and want to hair trick with ease.

Does this box look perfectly fine for 2 hdc3 18s running off of, hopefully, 4k watts?

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dont use the re calculator. its garbage
use the rockford calc or theres one on its pretty good.
do 10 cube common tuned to 35 with 120 inches of port
it should get silly on the lows and move a ton of air
Alright thanks, could you post a link to either of the box calcs?
The rockford calc only tells me internal cubic feet. Not exactly what I need to know
look up the Torres Box Calculator

the best and by far the easiest ive used.
tell me what room you have and i will design your box
Max width is 54.5", max height is 36", and the max depth it can go until it hits the back of my seats is 22.5"

Looking for like a 32-34 hz for killer lows and pushing some air:runaround:
Look at my profile or whatever picture. That's similar to how it has to be in back of truck. It can be a lot taller though (covering back windows), and deeper to hit come up and touch seats.
I have mine getting 6 cubic ft. each. tuned at 40 hz. Building a new port plug to drop down to 35hz'ish though, with an overall 16 square inches of port per cubic ft
Alright so I used torres to get this box, does this look alright for low low ?
Also, anyone know why it doesn't have a cut sheet?

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i think tuning an enclosure to 36hz is not low enough. i just did one for 4- 18" 558" port area tuned to 25hz. on paper it should be a low bass monster but if i tune it to near 37hz it should do big spl around 45hz. but at 20hz im down almost 20db with the 37hz tune. i think 30hz is a good medium tune
Yeah, but we're talking about the HDC3's they are different when it comes to tuning and low tuning
Quick question though:

When you tune a box to say whatever you want, does the port area vs box size make much of a difference?
Like ideally I want 16 square inches of port per net cubic foot, but what if I'm at 11 or 12 inches per foot?
Alright so I used torres to get this box, does this look alright for low low ?
Also, anyone know why it doesn't have a cut sheet?

dont put height and depth in twice on the top
u need at least 1 extra baffle
and u need bracing inside the box if its only going to be .75" thick

also box is to big, go closer to 12cuft net, 34/35hz will play down low enough for most people

if the port is using the bottom of the box as the 4th wall of the port, u need to put "1" into the # of common walls
Alright, thanks man.
After redoing what you said, does this seem alright? I didn't put in any sub displacement because I plan on inverting and no bracing displacement yet

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I personally would go with 10.5 cubes net 1 10" aero tuned to 32 hz or 2 8" aeros tuned to 32 hz. The Aq HDC3 motors have an extremely high motor force meaning that they work well in smaller enclosures.
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