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2 SD10's or 1 HD10?

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Hello everyone, I am not new to car audio but am extremely new to Audioque. My two most recent systems were a 10w7 with a jl500/1 and the other was a 12w7 with a pdx 1000. All six of my interiors are Fosgate and are currently running off of the HU. I am planning to get an amp for those again but I am completely undecided as to what to get one hd10 or two sd10's. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I listen to mostly metal but alot of the bands have wicked bass so I am not looking for two small sealed enclosures or anything like that. What will be louder?

I have also recently gotten into box building, this brings me to another question. Since Audioque is suggesting the bigger the better on the box, to be able to do this in my car I would need to build the box in a J shape. Will this affect the sound at all?

Thanks for the info!!!
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