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6 10 inch fi xs in a 7 cubic foot box

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Just wondering wat u guys think what do u think would be the best tuning frequency? 7 cubic feet.... 4 4 inch aeroports is wat I'm using ....subs up port back in the x5 BMW
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Yea I did 36 hz not really wat I like
This many views and no comments ! Damn
why not two bigger diameter ports? and where you located in IA btw?
Davenport n 4 4s move alot of air still
42 is Shit. It sounds like Ther isn't anythi.g at all l. 36 is low but not 2 low I do have a termlab to see were im at id like to be in the high 140s. 2 150 range it did a 145 at 36 but I need more to it
35 gets low and still leaves room for loudness
trial and air

I sat in a toyota hylander with 4 ten sas recently to the ear it seemed like 150 he was running 2 subs to the left two to the right and port was a trapezoid firing upwards he was running 4k. Hes on here his name is dasinde91 It was his daily vehicle.
Yea this gets down I just want my tune perfect
trial and air re tune until its right Not to many people put 6 tens in the x5 lol
Lol where is the like button!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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