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a lil fi q action

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jus a start needs fine tuning and a diff box tell me what u think
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Sick btw 1st I hope I'm that loud
it wont take much u have a good start whrn u get that ap amp
Idk my car is bigger and my box is a lil big
my box is a lil big too what kinda car u got
95 geo prizm ... My box is 3.2 net and 2.3cubes .... 40.5 sq of port and tuned to 33hz
what sub or subs and what size is it u said 2 diff sizes
It's a single re sx 12" ... The net is 3.2 and the size not including port is 2.3
o ok my fi q 12 is in 2.7 at 35 but gonna do a new box 2.0 at 28
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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