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I have several old amps and equipment given to me from years ago that buddies where no longer using so I decided to pick up a some new speakers and put together a low budget system for my SUV instead of letting it sit in the garage.

Ok here is what i'm thinking

Use the 4 channel RF 800.4 in 4 ohms and run it at 100x4 to the front and rear mids

Use the small kenwood 75x2 watt amp to run the tweets in the front (RF T2652) since they should be able to hand a lot more power than the infinity 6030 tweets.

Use the radio's 45 watts x 2 output to power the rear tweets.

Use the 1500.bdcp for the subs as normal.

This would give me a dedicated channel to each speaker. My only concearn is blowing out either set of the tweets. Not sure how much power each one can handle since they where purchased as a component set and the specs where for both the mid and tweeter combined.

However I would also like to use the EQ/DSP, but not sure if it's even possible to go from HU, to EQ/DSP, to crossover.

The buddy who gave me the crossover and a few old amps said he got much better SQ setting it up as Active.
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