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hi not new here well i am a little but i need to find some people in alaska that are into car audio i have tried to buy stuff on here numerous times and most time the shipping is more then the price of what im trying to buy if anyone thinks they could help me out it would be greatly appriciated <--- wrong but i dont know how to spell it Thank you btw my sub blew :angry5:
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well i been looking to get a new system but everything cost so much to ship up here im stationed up here for the army and cant help it and the other day my sub took a Crap on me
i dont want garbage
what are you looking for?
im trying 2 do a wall in my truck i been on here looking for 15s but there so darn expensive to ship
alot of the places up here run not so good stuff and do shitty installs and are outrages
i tried to buy wire and the cheapest shipping was drum roll please 92 dollars and the wire was 75
most of its kicker i know not all kicker is shit but i had an l7 12 and it killed over on me after like 3 weeks
kicker makes good stuff. the CVR's can do a 140 with 2 of them. they are effecient
do they sound good
ha i just pulled my l7 apart for kicks and one of the voice coils fried
CVR's are nice for 150ea. I can get 2 for 150 here in IL from my dealer. send some cash and ill pick ya up two. juss gotta pay shipping on top of that lol but itll still be cheaper than 300.
how much would the shipping be to 99505
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