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I really wanted to post this because I know most people when deciding on a subwoofer will ponder there choices for weeks on end I know I did and have in the past numerous times. I purchased two alpine swr10d2's the new 1000 rms version and I am as giddy as I have ever been. I have them in an enclosure that is 1.0 cu ft tuned to 35hz and they sound awesome with any kind of music. Big fat enveloping chest thumping clean bass off a new style sound stream ref 1000.1 and done effortlessly I could only imagine what these would sound like with a 1000 watts apiece. So if your on the fence and endlessly pining over subwoofer reviews and forum posts trying to decide what to purchase you cannot go wrong with these. Just a little post preface car audio has been my addiction for 24 years I have dealt with a plethora of subs from legacy and pyramid in the early early days to fi and jl and sundown in my older wiser years as well many other brands to numerous to list. I just wanted to make that statement so I didn't appear starstruck. Thumbs way up to alpine.
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