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Another battery Q&A??

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Ok so I stopped in Auto Zone and found 100+ ah deep cycle batteries for under a $100. Is their really that more of an advantage to getting the Stinger SPV70's over these? Like what would the percentage be? I'm having a hard time pulling the trigger on $100+ batteries (wasn't in the origional budget). If I do their gonna be last! Or I could get 2 of these now and upgrade later this year. So many decisions!!! lol!!
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Just make sure they are rated on the same time frame.

100ah does not mean 100 amps per hour.

if its rated on a 20hr cycle, that's 5 amps per hour.

Some competition batteries are rated based on shorter time frames.

A 65ah battery rated on a 1hr cycle is a monster compared to a 100ah battery rated on a 20hr cycle

also, AGM batteries are not spillable and do not give off hydrogen gas. [they are better for use inside the cabin of a vehicle]
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Stinger is going to have less internal resistance, last longer and be more suited for CA.
Thanks, good info guys. I'll just have to get one at a time as I go. I actually lose sleep thinking about this n that! lol!
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