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Aq 3500 @ .5

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You guys think that with the big 3 and a single D3100 in the back and a D2700 up front that an AQ 3500 could be run @ .5 Ohm? Ik it can run @ .5, just don't know if this electrical could hold it?
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HO alt??? otherwise no way for daily, should be fine for a burp though...
HO alt??? otherwise no way for daily, should be fine for a burp though...
Pretty sure they dont make a HO alt for the car its going in.
2 XL 15s
you'd be hard pressed to run it at 1ohm daily with just 2 batts unless the vehicle has a strong factory alt. Pretty sure it draws 320amps at 1ohm, so even more at .5ohm...
:confused1:Stock Alt is 110 Amp
Without a doubt need more juice than that.

If you can't get an aftermarket alt I'd recommend at least another 3100.
Just found a 220amp. Mitsubishi 1995 3000GT
I'd get the alt and you'd be fine with the 2 batts you have...
Think thatd be my best bet. 220a alt, d2700, and d3100.
Should be good with the alt and 2 batts. Just be sure you have a couple of wire runs.
Yea, we'll be using Knu, which is close to 2/0, so a single power and GND should be good.
The more runs the better. Just be sure you have equal numbers of power and ground runs.
Yea but with a 220a alt, 1/0 will be plenty to carry that to the back. Only time is might be an issue is when they it and they draw from the front batt.
Exactly. And you'll be drawing from the front battery a good bit. If you had a huge bank in the back, then multiple runs would basically be pointless. But you don't. You're depending on the combination of 2 batteries to power your setup, which means they need to be as close to 1 battery as possible in terms of resistance. This means more wire.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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